“Extra! Extra!” A blast from Tarkio’s past

December 10, 1992
• The Tarkio Elves are getting in the Christmas spirit for the Annual Elf Auction this Saturday, December 12, on Atchison County Cable Channel 8 at 7 p.m. The auction will be held at the Walnut Inn in Tarkio.
• The Tarkio High School Indians Basketball Team won the Mound City Tournament, defeating South Holt, Rock Port, and Fairfax.

December 7, 1967
• One hundred seventy-eight tons of gravel has been spread on the parking lot east of the Tarkio Elementary building to provide more parking space for those attending events. A new quartz floodlight was recently installed to light the area.
• From the First National “Teller Tells” column: “We have just now commissioned Mrs. Esther Findley of Hamburg to paint for us a picture of the “Old Mill” which so many years stood on the banks of the Tarkio River on the site about where the rendering plant now stands. We had a photograph made from one of the plates which we salvaged from the A.E. Anderson studio and Mrs. Findley will paint from that.

December 11, 1942
• “The Will Rogers of the Keyboard” Herbert Scott will appear on the Tarkio College Artist’s Course tonight. Swing, classics, concert satire makes for a thrilling performance of comedy and good fun combined with good music.
• It seems there is no end of the ingenuity of our local candy merchant. Andy, with the aid of his wife, is tops when it comes to making hand-dipped chocolates, bon bons, nut rolls, divinities, etc. Now he is making candy canes and stick candy himself as he’s been unable to buy the items from the factories this year. He installed special work benches and other equipments. The finished product, all wrapped in cellophane, is pleasing to the eye and, with the wrapping removed, is equally pleasing to the taste.

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