Fairfax R-3 1st Quarter Perfect Attendance

Fairfax R-3 students were recently recognized for their Perfect Attendance in the 1st Quarter of the 2017-18 school year. Students who were on the list included:
Smart Steps Preschool – Zachary Koop, Aspyn Fast, and Ryann Salmond
Kindergarten – Kaylee Allen, Zander Grossman, Lincoln Hogue, Alex Wintz, and Lela Wright
First Grade – Deyton Burke, Marley Eyman, Avery Fast, Brenna Kingery, and Riley Koop
Second Grade – Ace Allen
Third Grade – Trenton Frohn, Mason Kingery, Piper Morris, Carter Oswald, Johnathan Pickard, Tycen Skeen, and Chloe Vernon
Fourth Grade – Austin Helfers and Tate Johnson
Fifth Grade – Kendall Kingery, Grace Oswald, Luke Swinehart, and Velvet Williams
Sixth Grade – Collin Hedlund, Trenton Kingery, Ty Kirkland, Jasey Smith, and Zackary Stevens
7th Graders – Braden Graves, Zackery King, Cam­eron Oswald, Georgia Swinehart, Gaven Talty, and Trinity Wooten
8th Graders – Cody Frohn, Haley Garrison, Olivia Morris, Tony Skeen III, and Joshua Smith
Freshmen – Ian Hedlund, Cole Miller, and Gena Mitchell
Sophomores – Bennett Bowling, McKenzie Frohn, and Jesse Graves
Juniors – Katy Baker, Tyler Brown, Shelbey Morris, and Jordan Sutter
Seniors – Keevan Baker and Tacy Mitchell

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