Fairfax Sorosis

By Leona Ray
Recording Secretary
Fairfax Sorosis met on February 5, 2018, at MDT Woodworks LLC in Fairfax, Missouri. We browsed around the store, viewing the merchandise and selection of things you can make in one of their workshops or buy for a gift. The store is owned by Mike and Dana Tracy and Dana was our tour guide for the day. Dana told us that we didn’t have to be artistic to participate in their workshops. I’m sure that I heard a big sigh of relief. She then told us that there were no cell phones allowed in the workshops and communication was talking to each other and laughing together. What a great idea. Wonder if it will catch on? They make cutting boards, barn quilts, farmhouse clocks, etc. or maybe a valentine for your valentine. They will accommodate individuals and groups. Better call and get your name on the list. Dana says you can order on the internet or locally. We are blessed to have such a nice young couple move to our community and take a chance on us. It sounds like a good place to bring good friends, have good fun and enjoy yourself.
After our trip to the Woodworks we crossed the street to Connie’s Daybreak Café to enjoy a cup of good coffee and a piece of pie and ice cream. It was delicious. We noticed a few snow flurries on the walk across the street but most of us had pie on our minds and didn’t pay attention.
President Judy Holtz decided to make it a short business meeting. There were no reports except for the Treasurer and she said there was no change from the previous meeting. We did our roll call: “My Favorite Piece of Wood Furniture.” Judy reminded the nominating committee that they would need to present the list of officers for the new year at our next meeting. Someone looked outside and saw that the flakes of snow we’d seen earlier had increased and maybe we should get on our way. The Bon Mot was read and we recited the Collect. We adjourned and went quickly to our cars. I’m sure Connie’s afternoon coffee drinkers were pleased to see us go and besides we’re not to be trusted on bad roads.

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