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February 18, 1993
The first laparoscopic surgery was performed at Community Hospital in Fairfax. Eldon Everhart of Skidmore, Missouri, underwent the five hour gallbladder removal surgery performed by Dr. Manuel Runez of Maryville, the newest member of the Consulting Medical and Surgical Staff at the hospital. Dr. Runez performed the laparoscopic surgery with Dr. James K. Hunter, Jr. in attendance.
Millie Smith entertained members of the Pinochle Club at the Korner Kitchen in Tarkio February 10. Jerry Whittington received high score, Dorothy Freeman, second high, and Phyllis Ball traveling prize. A Valentine exchange was enjoyed.

February 15, 1968
A huge two-story house was moved from the site which the hospital board purchased a year ago in the interest of expanding hospital facilities. Melvin Golden purchased the house and contracted to have it moved some 2 1/2 blocks to the lot he owns adjoining his home.
The Fairfax Community Housing Board met Monday night to elect a name for the new housing complex near completion. Some fifty suggested names were submitted and the one chosen was “Fair Haven.” The $10 prize money will be divided between Mrs. Geneva Roop of Fairfax and Mrs. Ida Parrish of Craig, both of whom submitted the winning name.

February 19, 1943
The U.S. Coast Guard is on horseback now. Motorcycles or even jeeps would have a tough time on the long, wide expanses of loose sand, but horses don’t mind. The fast-expanding horse patrol of the U.S. Coast Guard will in short time be a thing along the eastern coastline from Maine to Florida.
Lieut. F.N. (Nelson) Dixon is now stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and has 50 men under his command. Merlin Cooper, who entered the army service some time ago, is now stationed at St. Petersburg, Florida. Doyne Swan, Dean Hedrick, and Norman Powell, who left for service recently, have been sent to Miami Beach, Florida, where they are taking technical training.

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