Mad Science ~ Rock Port

Mad Science ~ Rock Port

Katelynn Rouse helps Jetpack Jason with an experiment using vinegar.

Jetpack Jason Entertains with science- Mad Scientist, Jetpack Jason, held the attention of 130 children when he presented a program of science experiments on June 7, at the Memorial Building in Rock Port.
The young observers and listeners witnessed the interaction of multiple substances with both acids and bases. They did a little hypothesizing about how to change the reaction of certain substances. Other experiments involved the relationship of fire and oxygen, and the fact that air takes up space even though it’s invisible.
Do you know about Bernoulli’s Principle? Everyone present witnessed it being demonstrated! The final experiment involved the power of moving air causing a disc to seem to be suspended or hovering. Malachi Davis was the lucky volunteer who was chosen to help with this experiment and “ride” the hover board. Other children, among the many volunteers, who were chosen to assist were Talyn Amthor, Ryder Herron, Katelynn Rouse, Jaylynn Garst, and Jaecy-Mae Makings.
Jetpack Jason taught the children the Mad Science website address so they could submit their ideas for experiments to the Mad Science Organization. He encouraged them to submit their ideas by offering prizes for ideas that are used in their programming!
Mad Science of Kansas City and was sponsored by Atchison County Library as the “starter” event to announce their children’s summer reading program called “Build a Better World”. Summer Reading starts in July.

Jaecy-Mae Makings is showing how a blow dryer will suspend a ping pong ball.

Jetpack Jason is shown demonstrating how oxygen works with fire.

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