Summer Reading – 2017

Summer Reading  –  2017

The Atchison County libraries in Tarkio, Fairfax, and Rock Port, Missouri, began the summer reading programs last week at all three locations. Young children are encouraged to attend the programs and enjoy great books and fun activities. Be sure to check out the reading schedule for your location in this week’s Atchison County Mail. Pictured above is Graceyn Reeves making a craft centered around the theme “Build a Better World” and a book the kids read about construction equipment.




Pictured above middle is Brooke Walton reading to a group of youngsters and their parents at the Tarkio Library.

Summer Reading at the Tarkio Library started with a fun-loving group of ten 3 and 4 year olds who were led by Brooke Walton. Brooke began the program by having the children blow bubbles while listening to fun upbeat music. The kids loved blowing bubbles! The children listened to two stories about big, busy trucks: I’m Dirty by Kate McMullan and Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker. Big trucks of all kinds help in many ways to Build a Better World.  A second group activity involved the children holding parachute material and bouncing pompoms on the “parachute”.  Trying to keep the pompoms suspended in the air was great fun for these little ones.  At craft time the kids colored pictures of giant loaders. Ms. Walton saw some very interesting and unique vehicles created with Legos, Play-doh and wooden blocks.
Five and six year old children began their summer reading experience by listening to Jan Taylor White read Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker. Afterwards, the kids made sand stickers in the shapes of the big trucks they saw in the book. As they worked, the children pretended to be eating giant rocks removed from the construction site. Those giant “rocks” were delicious jelly beans! Finally, the kids worked in teams using wooden blocks to construct trucks of all types. These children were delighted to check out books, and they were anxious to get outside to use the squirting “tools” a treat from the Library.

Third, fourth, and fifth graders, Lillie Mason, Kendal Straub, Jasey Smith, Grace Oswald, (back against the wall), KayDee Duering, Joaquin Hill, Cyle Gilpin, Zane McAlister on the floor, (left to right) are pictured listening to Ashton Lewis read from A Fish In A Tree.

In the 1st and 2nd grade group Shea McAlister, is pictured, trying to build the tallest tower.

Fifteen 1st-5th graders met at the library for the first week of summer reading this past week. Build a Better World is this year’s theme, and the children will be focusing on building, construction and architecture, as well as themes of energy resources, water and waste conservation and recycling, and kindness towards others. Fifty-one children have signed up for the Summer Reading programs in Fairfax this year.
Sarah Osburn started her program with a quick competition, among the first and second graders, to see who could build the tallest tower in five minutes using Solo cups. It was a challenge to keep the cups standing! Sarah read The Man Who Walked Between The Towers, a true story by Mordecai Gerstein.  The kids painted “kindness” rocks to hide in the park for strangers to find. They hope the rocks will brighten someone’s day! They listened to Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson while they painted.  Each child got a mystery bag to take home and a challenge: use the items in the bag, including a tightrope walker, and make two towers with a tightrope in between.  Their tightrope walker has to move across the rope without being touched by them! Sarah will be waiting to see their ideas and solutions when they come back next week!
The third, fourth, and fifth graders will be reading Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. Each week they will read aloud with leader Ashton Lewis, and they are encouraged to read a chapter at home each week. Fish In A Tree is an uplifting book about not fitting in. To quote the author, “Everybody is smart in different ways. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid.” The kids divided into groups and built bridges with small cups and paper. The goal was to build the bridge that would support the most weight, and they tested their bridges with differently weighted objects. Ashton also read Build Our House by Jonathan Bean.

Kinley Lair and Bryna McEnaney start their windmill craft during there first day of Summer Reading at the Atchison County Library in Rock Port.

Arianna Shimmel and Jamie McEnaney listen closely to Trudy Heitman as she instructs them about placing dirt in their cups to plant Butterfly Flowers.





Rock Port:
The Build a Better World reading programs started Thursday morning July 7.  It was a bit of a reverse order start with the older children opening the program this year.  Each of the groups was introduced to the program by discussing the new Build a Better World wall mural painted by the Library’s own Bob Simpson.  Bob’s delightful mural depicts many ways to Build a Better World; including, being good stewards of our physical environment and fostering a good emotional environment with kindness and friendship.
Dixie Teten led the group of first and second graders.  Their mission today was to listen and learn from books and discussion about clean water and wind power.  They learned about the different forms of water including steam, fog, clouds, rain, snow and ice when they listened to Water Is Water by Miranda Paul.  A Cool Drink Of Water by Barbara Kerley is a powerful book of simple words and pictures that demonstrates how people in many parts of the world get their drinking water.  The availability of clean drinking water is very different in many parts of the world than it is in Rock Port, MO or most of the U.S.A.!  A lively discussion followed about the cleanliness of water from a lake, a garden hose and the kitchen sink.  A demonstration followed showing how dirty water could be made to look clean by passing it through a coffee filter!  Would it be safe to drink?  The second focus of this group was wind power.  Dixie read excerpts from Understanding Wind Power by Polly Goodman, which explained that wind power is a clean natural resource that is readily available in much of the world.  The kids talked about Rock Port, MO being the first town in the United States to have its total energy needs met by wind turbines.  The wind farm supplying Rock Port is called The Loess Hills Wind Farm.  Craft projects for this group included building wind turbines and coloring Build a Better World bookmarks.  Everyone received great take home treats from the Library.  Malisa Linthicum and Juleighanne Adams are assisting with this group.
Trudy Heitman led her group of third and fourth graders in a discussion about one of the world’s great pollinators, the butterfly.  The listeners learned that butterflies are essential to the environment, because they pollenate or fertilize fruit trees that feed people all over the world.  Butterflies are also an essential part of the food chain that nourish frogs, lizards, birds and mice.  They also learned that butterflies and many other essential pollinators, including bees, are declining in number.  The reasons for their decline are many, but two reasons are lack of habitat and the use of unfriendly herbicides and pesticides.  The children learned all of the information about butterflies when Trudy read excerpts from two great books (owned by the Library):  Butterflies And Moths by Nic Bishop and Insects And Spiders by The Nature Company Discoveries Library. A USDA Forest Service document from their website contained interesting information about the decline of butterflies and their migration patterns.  For their project, the children planted seeds to grow Cosmos.  If the plants which grow from these seeds are transplanted in the yard or garden butterflies will come to feed on them.  Everyone received a butterfly life cycle picture, a monarch butterfly picture to color and a bug hunt game.  One of the Library giveaways was a magnifying bug viewer.  Juleighanne Adams is assisting with this group.

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