Teacher Appreciation Letters from Rock Port Students

2017 Teacher Appreciation Week was May 8 – May 12. Teachers from all over the country are recognized for the hard work they put in to not only teach but to guide our young youth in the proper direction to become successful beings. Our local youth had a lot to say about our teachers right here in Rock Port. The following are some of the submitted letters.

Dear Mrs. Eickhoff,
I’m the luckiest little girl in the whole world because you’re my art teacher. You’re one of the most important people in my life. You shine like a star in my heart. I enjoy the fun ideas you have. My favorite activity we have done is the salt project we did last year.
Love, Jacoby Driskell

Dear Mrs. Spiegel,
I always can’t wait until after recess to come to your room because I like the books we read. I like the games we play. I also like when you give us candy for getting a 100% on our work and at the end of class.
I am grateful that you are my teacher. You make my day when you smile every time I walk through the door. You are nice and kind when I am sad and you are so funny!
P.S. Have a good day!
Love, Makaila Pruett

Dear Mrs. Ellis,
Thank you for talking to me about my weekends and my days. You are the nicest teacher in the school.
You are helpful and smart. I learned a lot from you, like how to work through the zones.
Your student,
Noah McCoy

Dear Mrs. Hughes,
Thanks for teaching us so much stuff since we were like babies. But now we got it.
Rush Lewis

Dear Mrs. Waigand,
You are the best teacher in the world. Thank you for teaching me reading. You are the best person to teach science. Thank you for teaching me how to write. I don’t want to leave your class because you make it fun. You are the funnest teacher in the world. I want to spend the rest of the world with you. I love how you teach everyday.
Your student,
Raylynn Jenkins

Dear Mrs. B
I love that you’re my teacher. You always make me happy. Thank you for teaching me. I have learned a lot.
Olivia Roup

Dear Mrs. Vette,
I love what you have done for me and my class. I love you Mrs. Vette. I wish I can do it again. I don’t want to go to 3rd grade, but I might have to. I wish I could have been with you longer.
Lily Wilroy

Dear Mrs. Lawrence,
How are you doing today? I’m glad you are teaching us. It makes me happy. You are my favorite teacher in the world. I like the activities we do in class because they make 2nd grade fun, a lot of fun. You are the best person in our state and it is hard to be without you. I want to stay with you my whole entire life and be your best friend in the world.
Audrey Dougherty

Dear Mrs. Hastert,
My sixth grade year has been so great. I’m so sorry for our class being so talkative. You’re so understanding. I can’t remember a teacher ever so nice as you.
I remember your silly words you’ve made up in your class. I’ve become a better reader because of you. I’ve never met the 40 point club until this year! I’m so happy!
I was really nervous to join sixth grade. But when our class started I felt like it was going to be over before we learned anything. I’m so glad that I will get to remember you as my teacher and brag that I had the best teacher in the universe. I’m running low on this paper, so I hope you understand you are the best teacher a student could ever have!
Your favorite student,
Lily May Smith

Dear Mrs. Goins,
Thank you for making your class so much fun and having a great sense of humor. The best part of your class is where we had the cook off and everyone got to make their own thing. I think this was a great learning experience for a person if they wanted to work their own restaurant or be a cook. So thank you for the great 7th hours.
Sincerely, Corbin Hale

Mr. Skillen is a very hard-working teacher and coach. He has a great sense of humor and has obtained a lot of respect by many students over his years at Rock Port. Mr. Skillen is a very intelligent man about numerous different subjects and random facts. He is very appreciated.
-Kaycee Davis

Dear Mrs. Sierks, (I hope I spelled that right)
Thanks a lot. My favorite special in Elementary was library because of you. You’re extremely nice and really funny. Special thanks for you putting up with my talking and problems. You’re one of the only teachers whom I think cares about me. I really, REALLY appreciate it. It was so fun in library, especially when we got to watch the movie “Oliver the Other Reindeer,” and were even able to pick out rolly chairs, beanbags, and comfy chairs to sit in. I really loved library, even though books aren’t my thing, because of you. I’ll be sad to see you retire (that’s what I’ve heard) this year. You’re one of my favorites.
Carsyn Sybert

Ms. Acton,
Before I say anything, I would like to apologize for all the times I didn’t pay attention, had an attitude, or didn’t appreciate all of the hard work and effort you put into teaching me. I know you get stressed sometimes, yet you always remain kind and caring. We’re lucky to be taught by such an admirable and respectable woman.
You’ve shown me that I have a hunger for wisdom and knowledge that I didn’t know I had before, inspiring me and my plans for the future. Thank you for providing us with a sense of importance and moral support, particularly us seniors. Thank you especially for genuinely listening to us and believing in us. Though I’m not sure how I’m going to live without your lessons and words of wisdom next year, I can go into the real world confident about who I am and what I can achieve, thanks to you. Your passion is contagious and no words could express how grateful I am to have had you as my teacher. Thank you!
Paityn Alberti

Dear Mr. Shineman,
Thank you for being such a great teacher. You are by far one of my favorites because you are always so calm and you participate in the games sometimes with us. Because of you our P.E. classes are so much fun.
I would say my favorite thing about you is how you joke around with us. The one time you stole Owin’s phone was the funniest thing this year by far. Then when you threatened to drop kick it, priceless.
Once again, thank you for being such a funny teacher. If you weren’t here, this school would not be the same. I know that if I ever needed anything, that you would be there to talk with me if I needed. I hope you will be here for the remainder of my schooling, because of you, I can get a laugh on days where I’m feeling down.
Sincerly, Your Friend
Max Jackson

Dear Miss Heitman,
You are wonderful. You have been one of my favorite teachers since sophomore year. I love your class. I like how we can joke around and have fun but still learn. You will forever be one of my favorite teachers and I appreciate everything you do for your students. Thank you for everything!
Hannah Mace

Dear Mrs. Eickhoff
You have been an amazing art teacher to me since I started having you as a teacher. You have taught me so much that I can’t not write a letter to you. You have always understood what I needed to do to improve and where when I was indecisive about my work.
I can proudly say that you are a great artist and art teacher and I know that I can go to you if troubled. I hope you think of me the same way; a good student. I hope that we can maintain a friendship throughout my Junior High and High School years.
Katelynn Ottmann

Dear Mrs. Farmer,
I appreciate you! I want to thank you for everything. You mean alot to me. You’ve always been there for me. Your a amazing, smart, talented, compassionate, considerate, generous, funny, loyal, courageous, enthusiastic, caring, admiring, inventful, loving, respectful, and a super appreciable young women. Thank you for being there for me, I will always remember you. Happy teacher appreciation day!
Kelsie M. Davis

Dear Mr. Fentiman,
Thank you for going to classes with me. Thank you for helping me with the chairs and thank you for being assistant track coach. Thank you for going to speech with us and helping me how to speak. Thank you for helping us scrape chairs. Thank you for being a good assistant coach and I appreciate your support. Thank you for being a nice man and a good teacher. Thank you for going to some of my cross country meets and driving the bus to our meets. Thank you for cheering us at a cross country meet.
Preston Klappenbach

Dear Mrs. Skillen,
I appreciate how hard you work to keep me educated. I love that I get to see you everyday for the rest of my school years for language. You are a wonderful teacher who cares and listens to what we have to say although you may not be the best singer or dancer you are a really kind teacher. You are really hilarious and I like coming and talking to you when I have problems. I remember being in your study hall and getting ice cream from the FCCLA ice cream bar when you paid for it. I also remember when I would stay after school and get help on homework. I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you have done. I also think making time capsules is a good idea because some people like me are going to want to look back and see what we did in the past years. I would like to thank you again for all your amazing hard work you have done to keep me educated because without a tremendous teacher like you I wouldn’t be as smart and educated as I am now and I hope that as I go to college that I will look back to you.

Dear Mrs. Palmer,
You are an inspiration to me and many others. One of the main reasons I stayed in band and started playing solos is because you encouraged me to do them. Your enthusiasm and joy makes my mornings ten times better. You also keep me excited to keep playing clarinet and hopefully you will allow one to play oboe or alto clarinet.
Your eagerness to make me a better clarinet player is insane. Also, the amount of time and effort you put in during marching and field marching season is unthinkable. You push us to become better instrument players and better people. I thank you for all you have done for me and the rest of the band. You are a blessing to have as a teacher.
Ayden Wilroy
P.S. Thanks for always reminding me to practice, even though I don’t all the time!

Dear Senõra Miller,
Thank you so much for being such an influential educator in my life! You provide so many useful tools that I will use for many years to come. I remember being a nervous seventh grader coming into Spanish and the first thing you said was not to be afraid as long as you work hard you will do fine.
I know Spanish is na extracurricular class, but to me it has become a core class almost like math or science. When we were discussing Spanish 3, I told my classmates around me that I honestly couldn’t imagine not being in your classroom at least one hour of my day. Even though Spanish is a lot of work, my class manages to have many laughs with you.
We are really lucky to have a foreign language teacher in a small town, let alone someone who is as committed, helpful, and diligent as you. Again thank you for everything you do.
Hallee Bradley

Dearest Mrs. Ungles,
I wanted to write to you and let you know that you are greatly appreciated. You and I have a very good bond and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Having you as a dance sponsor and a teacher is a treat. You have impacted my life so greatly with your always positive attitude. Your sparkly personality brings joy to many. Keep being the
“glitter girl” of the school, it will never go unrewarded.
Abbie Hale

Dear Mr. Gaines,
I want to thank you for all the times you have spent with me. You always encourage me to do my best. You have been a huge influence to my life and the way I act. I have always been hesitant going out for basketball. My two years in Junior High I decided to go out because you were coaching. I knew that you would help me become better. I enjoy being coached by you because you always strive to find the best in me.
Joey Herron

Dear Mrs. Bebb,
As you can imagine, I am turning this letter in about two days late. This brings me to my first point- thank you for not killing me when I forgot to do an assignment, leave it in my locker, or lose it. I really appreciate it. Also, I appreciate you for not killing me when I am late to your class, forget all of my supplies, miss twenty of your classes a quarter, etc.
I apologize for the improper grammar used in this letter, but I want you to know that your class is really one of my favorites. I am very glad that I get to have you as a teacher this year and love having your class as a first hour. I love how your class is laid back but we still accomplish a lot! The fun and happy vibe that you bring to your classroom is a perfect way to start my day each morning.
I appreciate how you treat everyone equal, are so patient with your students, and make your class enjoyable with interesting assignments and activities. It is not hard to tell that you truly enjoy what you do. We appreciate and thank you for all that you do.
Kelcie Gaines
Dear Mrs. Jenkins,
I really appreciate you being a teacher and a coach of mine. When I was little, I watched you coach my sister for volleyball. I would sit in the stands with my mom and dad thinking of the future. I would be so anxious to play volleyball and especially have you as a coach. Now, I am here. Getting the opportunity to have you as a coach and play my favorite sport.
When I realized you were going to be my science teacher, I was enthusiastic. Science wasn’t my favorite subject, and I have always had a hard time with it. So I was scared to get a bad grade, and you be disappointed. But, after a few days with you, I realized that it wasn’t going to be as hard as I thought it was going to be. I am for sure that it was all because of you being my teacher.
Macie Hale

Mr. Gebhards is a very great teacher, coach, and person in general. As a teacher he wants students to learn and understand what they are capable of. As a coach he wants his runners/wrestlers to strive for greatness and push themselves to their limits. And as a person he always makes people in the room laugh, gives inspirational lectures (which are very appreciated by me) and he cares. Mr. Gebhards cares for his students and their grades a lot and wants them to succeed! Mr. Gebhards is one of my favorite teachers, he has taught me not only a lot about math but also how to be a good person, how to never give up on myself and how important to be nice to others is….even when others are giving back. This past cross country season was my first and when I wanted to give up, I was letting the difficulty defeat me and I didn’t want to be defined as that. “No pain no gain” was our saying, we even had a handshake to go along with that. He helped me through a lot that season not only with running a 5k but also a lot of overwhelming emotional stuff that was going on…Algebra 3!! Mr. Gebhards is not only a teacher but he’s a friend! Mr. Gebhards you are very appreciated in this school by many students and teachers. And I’m very thankful for him and all the hard work he has done!
-Kaycee Davis

Dear Mr. Parsons,
I remember having you as a teacher in sixth grade and that says something because I can’t remember anything. I am so happy that you moved up to math and I got to have you for at least one year. I like that you explain everything so clearly. My math grade and my knowledge have improved a lot since you moved up to just math in the JH and HS instead of sixth grade teacher.
I know we aren’t the best of kids but I’m glad you haven’t tried to torture us yet. I am also glad that you barely give us any homework. You make math fun. I actually look forward to going to math. You are the best teacher anyone could ask for. I love being in track too. You always push me to go harder when I want to give up. I am glad you put me in the mile my seventh grade year because it made me work even harder. I was just joking around when I said you should put me in it but when you said I should try it I took it seriously. Also, I will work on trying to smile more.
Alivia Baucom

Mrs. Gaines is a very patient, caring and kind teacher. She is very compassionate. She cares about everyone of her students. She is very trustworthy and a teacher I could talk to about anything. She is very supportive. Mrs. Gaines is very dedicated at her job. She never hesitates to slow down for students to understand the concept. One can tell Mrs. Gaines genuinely loves what she does and the students. She is a very positive lady and never shows when anything is wrong. Mrs. Gaines is definitely a teacher I will always look up to.
-Erika Rose

Mr. Moore is one of the smartest men I have ever met, being able to do complicated math problems in his head. Mr. Moore helps us work through difficult algebra classes when we have no clue what we’re doing! He pushes us so we can better ourselves and helps make sure we understand a concept. Mr. Moore is very funny, intelligent, and hard working and he has been at Rock Port for only about twenty years and is well appreciated!!
-Kaycee Davis

Coach Carpenter,
Thank you for everythig you have taught me in football. You made my love for the game stronger and made me a better player. I appreciate everything you have taught me whether it was in the classroom or out on the field.
center and left tackle
Cayden Criger #78

~Sadly all the letters could not be printed. Remember as teachers you are all appreciated for what you do.

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