The Salvation Army bell ringers collecting funds

The Salvation Army bell ringers collecting funds



The Salvation Army may have set a record for ringers in Fairfax on December 1 and 2, 2017. The ringers ranged in age from seven months to 94 years. It was a successful campaign this year in Fairfax thanks to those who rang the bell. Ringers were: Sam Creed, Bob Alldredge, Marshall and Michele Oswald, Karen Cowan, Jim Ball, Ginny Smith, Charlie Smith, Mac Smith, Henry Smith, Scout Smith, Marion Oswald, Gene Carder, Jack Kruse, Ed Taylor, Kent Fisher, Debbie Long, Bob Carlock, Danny Kemerling, Tabitha Wintz, Alex Wintz, Garrett Wintz, Tammy Grossman, Tate Johnson, Austin Helfers, Jill Kingery, Trenton Kingery, Brenna Kingery, Nathan Johnson, Roger Martin, Amy Sefrit, Frank Gardner, and Whitney Harrington. The youngest ringer assistant was Annistyn Schebaum, seven month old daughter of Whitney Harrington, and the oldest ringer was Doyne Swan.





















Bell ringers collecting for The Salvation Army were stationed at the Hwy. 59 and Hwy. 136 intersection in Tarkio Saturday, December 2, 2017. It was a beautiful day for collecting for those in need this holiday season. Pictured ringing bells, collecting donations, and handing out candy canes are Bryli and Mark Staten and Shae DeRosier, Melissa Lang, and Bella Hurst.  Those who rang the bells in Tarkio this past weekend at the three-way intersection included Cat Prater, Lily Graves, Bryli Staten, Mark Staten, Melissa Lang, Shae DeRosier, Bella Hurst, Terry Wooten, Alyson Wooten, Madison Ohrt, Alli Yates, Cheyenne Gray, Grace Martin, Colin Joesting, Shaylee Sparks, Dixie Hendrix, Raelynn Gish, Jayne Martin, Katherine Cox, Tommy and River Dow, Ella Rolf, Madison Driskell, Jayden VanZant, Nova Yeary, Jae Barnett, Brynnan Poppa, Mercedes Parshall, Morgan Parshall, Dara Wennihan, Brody Wennihan, Janene McEnaney, and Sally Wehmann. A total of $1,912.25 was raised in Tarkio this past weekend.

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