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Submitted by Kay Gibson

Tammy Oakes, Makayla Oakes, Mandy Pitzen, Samantha Tanner, Anna Beth Wennihan, and Teresa Walker, and I attended the Hamburg Hospital Mystery Theatre last weekend. It was all for a good cause, we enjoyed it and who knew Dr. Largen could sing “country & western?”
The Watson Quilters met Thursday evening with Holly Holmes, Tammy Oakes, Makayla Oakes, Linda Viets, Becky Mortimore, Donna Whelan, and Kay Gibson attending. Holly had cut some of the little hat circles and we put a few of them together. We saw that a hospital uses them for kids who have surgery. We thought we’d like to make some.

Alice has nothing on me. When I was very tiny, I fell into rabbit hole, too. The rabbits raised me. That is why my ears are so big, my nose twitches and I hop around a lot.

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