Youth Turkey Virtual Check Station

Tayden Cook

Colby Lansdown

Cayden Criger

The Northwest Missouri Sportsman’s Club (NMSC)sponsored a virtual check station for youth turkey season. This year’s check station was done via Facebook at Young hunters simply uploaded a picture of their harvested turkey along with the name of the hunter and measurements for beard, spur and weight. The entries were reposted to the NMSC Facebook page for all of our followers to see.   Every hunter who submitted a picture/info was entered for prize drawings. Results follow:

There were three youth hunters that checked in birds this year via NMSC Facebook.
Tayden Cook – Adult Gobbler – 21 lb. 10 in. beard, ¾ in. spurs – Won the Remington 870 Shotgun
Colby Lansdown – Adult Gobbler – 21 lb. 9 ½ in. beard, 7/8 in. spurs – Won a turkey decoy
Cayden Criger – Juvenile Gobbler – No info provided – Won a turkey decoy

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