The Atchison County Development Corporation (ACDC) board meeting was held August 10, 2016.
Present were: W.C. Farmer, Jeff Meyer, Craig Corken, Eryn Stepp, Lori Seymour, Lydia Hurst, Roger Martin, Bob Alldredge, board members; Monica Bailey, and Carol Clark.
Board members voted to approve the minutes as presented.
Bob Alldredge presented the financial reports. The group will discuss the status of CDs at the September meeting, in the event that one needs to be cashed this year. Board members voted to approve the financials as submitted.
Monica Bailey mentioned several meetings she has recently attended, including MEDC’s annual conference, a strategic planning meeting panel in Trenton (to share recent ACDC successes, particularly the youth programs and Business Improvement Grant), and Tarkio City Council (to discuss the ShopKo building and actions that have been taken by both ACDC and Tarkio).
ACDC has paid out $8,814.14 of the $16,779.68 that was awarded through the Business Improvement Grant program in 2016. Six projects are yet to be completed.
The contractor for the Rock Creek Wind Farm should be selected shortly. The project still has a “Start of Construction Date” as October 1. Tradewind will be in Tarkio, Missouri, the week of August 29 conducting site plan reviews with landowners.
In an ongoing effort to familiarize students with careers available in Atchison County, ACDC is adding an event for juniors. They will visit Atchison County businesses in their chosen ‘career cluster,’ as decided during the My Success program their sophomore year. Explore AC is scheduled for September 29, 2016.
ACDC continues to be acting secretary/treasurer for Tarkio Renewal, which has recently demolished two more derelict properties and is working toward its next projects.
Bailey encouraged board members to spend some time exploring the new website ( The business directory is much improved over previous site, job board is complete, and real estate search should go public in the next week.
A proposal from Tarkio Golf Club was reviewed. Board members voted to award $2,500 to Tarkio Golf Club to assist with unplanned expenses and to offer the same amount to Rock Port Golf and Country Club.
The date of the 2016 annual meeting was set for October 5 at the Fairfax school. The group discussed adding an educational component to the agenda in an effort to create an event that more people would find valuable. The evening will still include a celebration of new businesses, presentation of awards and an ACDC update, in addition to a complimentary dinner.