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Georgia Gilley
The TEC Club met Tuesday, August 9, at Aunt Martha’s B&B. All members were present, this being noteworthy since this is only the second time this year that had happened.
Everyone was ready to get right to the game. After the very first game one player shouted that she was hoodooed. That sparked a group discussion about whether she was hoodooed or voodooed. Susan Braams went to her phone to discover that one could be hoodooed but not voodooed, the first being a trick and the second, an African folk religion. Pitch is such an educational game!
Our oft-times champion, Mary Anne Pennel, was forced to take second place when Pam Cooper came up with high score. Merylan Lowrey was hoodooed, I guess, ending up with low score.
Chitchat was parade, school starting too early, and vacations enjoyed or yet to be enjoyed. Adding to the enjoyment, Janell McQuinn, hostess, served apple bread, but it was topped with whipped topping which automatically turns bread into cake, doesn’t it?