The Tarkio Resource Center is available for rent by calling 660-736-5785 or by calling the Resource Center at 660-736-4126 and leaving a detailed message with a callback phone number. It is advisable to schedule an event at least one week in advance. Both levels in the building are available for rent and both areas have complete kitchens as well. A monthly schedule is located in the lobby of the building, located at 405 South 11th Street, and also at the Flower Mill. The Tarkio History Center is located on the lower level of the building and many interesting and valuable donations have been received in the past few months that are available for the public to enjoy and use by calling the Resource Center and leaving a detailed message. Included in the History Center are yearly scrapbooks of Tarkio’s history during the 1960s through the 1980s. Several of the books have been indexed, but volunteers are needed to complete this project. Call the Resource Center if you can help.