Community Hospital-Fairfax (CH-F) hosted its fourth Lunch and Learn of the 2016 year on September 1. The series of Lunch and Learns have focused on health topics important to the community such as stress, sleep, Alzheimer’s and most recently, falls.
The Centers of Disease Control states that 1 out of 5 falls causes serious injury. Knowing how to prevent falls and how to protect yourself if you do fall is key to preventing a broken bone or head injury. That’s why Jay Stanton, DPT shared his knowledge with a room full of attendees on September 1.
Jay helped attendees understand the three main contributors to balance: visual, vestibular (inner ear) and somatosensory (muscles and joints.) He warned that the aging process can contribute to any one of these three systems becoming impaired which can cause an overall decrease in balance. Fortunately, there are exercises that can help contribute to maintaining or increasing balance. Jay demonstrated these exercises with the group.
Falls can still occur. If they do, Jay showed the group that there are techniques to use when falling that can help minimize injury. Crossing your arms over your chest, tucking in your chin and attempting to fall on your side are three ways that you can attempt to minimize injury.
Jay completed the Lunch and Learn with a Fall Risk Assessment. The assessment includes questions about a variety of contributors to falls including medications, recent falls, trip hazards and shoe fit. The assessment can help determine the overall fall risk an individual may face and help identify areas where the risk may be decreased.
The CH-F Rehabilitation Department offers balance assessments and fall risks and can help you minimize fall risk. For more information about falls and the Community Hospital-Fairfax Rehabilitation Department, please visit or call (660) 686-2334.
Information about future Lunch and Learns will be advertised in local papers and posted at www.