Submitted by Reporter, Margie Umbarger
The 49’ers Hobby Club met Wednesday, September 14, at the Presbyterian Church in Fairfax, Missouri. President Marge O’Riley called the meeting to order. Roll call was “a memory of my school days.” It was a very lively topic as many recalled long walks to schools. Some attended one and two-room rural schools, no electricity and none with bathrooms. Others talked of school plays, trips, good times and a few told abut getting in trouble.
Our treasurer, Charlotte Miller, gave a financial report. We then had a short business meeting.
Hostess was Pat Fisher, and Cheryl Zabel gave a blessing. We were joined by a guest, Rev. Elaine Loggi, and were served a wonderful lemon dessert and snacks.
Other than the above mentioned, attending were: Jean Schooler, Janelle McQuinn, Sharon Smith and Margie Umbarger.