Quarterback Josh Smith hands off to #33 running back Ian hedlund.

The East Atchison vs. Rock Port Jr. high football game started with a quick score by EA 8th grader Ian Hedlund. The 2 point conversion was no good, giving EA the early 6 point lead. Rock Port’s Joey Herron scored from 34 yards out. The 2 point conversion was good. With 6:10 left in the 1st quarter the score was 8-6 in favor of the Jays.
After a long series of plays in the middle of the field EA’s Merriweather scored with a run around the end. Hedlund’s 2 point conversion was good, making the score 8-14 EA.
The Blue Jays recovered an on side Kick to begin their second series of the game. Herron scored on the first play of the series and also tacked on the 2 point conversion. The score was 16-14, Rock Port, with 4:25 left in the 1st quarter.
Hedlund ripped off a +30 yard run to set the Wolves up in excellent field position on the next series. After a face mask penalty, the wolves recovered with a touchdown pass to Hedlund. The 2 point conversion pass from Smith to Graves was good, making the score 22-16 EA.
The Blue Jays recovered a squib kick midfield. After runs by Farmer and Gabe Abbott and a face mask penalty on EA, Abbott scored with a run up the middle, with Herron tacking on the 2 points. This left the score 24-22, Blue Jays.
The second quarter started with EA remaining in possession on a 2nd and 10. The Jays recovered a fumble and took over on downs. A course of running plays moved the chains down the field resulting in a touchdown by Herron. The 2 point conversion was good, 32-22 Rock Port.
Ian Hedlund returned the Jays’ kickoff for a quick score, the 2 point conversion failed making the score 32-28 RP.
The next drive for the Jays included a holding penalty. Herron then busted out a 47 yard run for TD and a successful 2 point conversion, 40-28 RP with 3:02 left in the 2nd quarter.
The Wolves marched the ball down the field gaining a first down. An illegal motion penalty pushed them back 5 yards. Smith’s pass to Holecek moved the Wolves to the half yard line. Hedlund forced his way up the middle to shorten the Jays led to 40-34.
Another short kick by Hedlund began the next set of downs. The Jays moved the chains twice and then Abbott put up 6 more points. Herron ran a sweep for the extra two points, 48-34 RP.
The Wolves started the next possession on the 25 yard line. With the clock running, EA moved the ball to the 34 and called a time out with 34 seconds left in the half. Another time out was called with 13 seconds left on a 4th and 2. A pass was completed from Smith to Holecek. The half ended 48-34 before the Wolves could capitalize on the drive.
The Blue Jays received the ball to start the second half. Running plays moved the ball downfield and kept the clock moving. On a 2nd and goal, Herron forced one up the middle. The 2 point conversion was no good, leaving the score 55-34 Blue Jays.
The first possession of the second half for East Atchison was kept alive with running drives. They swiftly moved the sticks gaining downs. The 3rd quarter ended with the Wolves in possession on a 4th and 5 on the 15 yard line.
The 4th quarter started with an unfortunate false start moving the ball back 5 yards. Hedlund snuck the ball around the outside to score for EA. The 2 point conversion was good, 54-42 Rock Port.
Rock Port’s Gabe Abbott returned the EA kick off for a 60 yard touchdown during the back and forth scoring. Herron tacked on the 2 points for a 62-42 lead.
The Wolves fought hard and moved the ball down the field. A forced fumble gave possession back to the Jays. Short carries punched the ball down field. EA forces the Jays to cough up the pigskin and took over in good field position. Several hard-fought running plays earned a first down for EA. With the clock ticking away, the Wolves played with determination and might. Calling a final timeout with 3 seconds on the clock. A pass interference call on the Blue Jays gave the Wolves one more offensive down with no time left on the clock. The final score of the competitive game ended 62-42 Rock Port.

Colton Stevens, Corbin Hale and Remington Stoner

#50 Colton Stevens, #84 Corbin Hale and #82 Remington Stoner bring down EA runningback #33 Ian Hedlund.