The Atchison County Super Bowl East Atchison vs. Rock Port, had a perfect night for football. A capacity crowd was on hand to watch.
East Atchison won the toss and elected to take the ball in the second half.
EA kicked off to Rock Port’s Tyler Jones who took the ball to the 25 yard line. Two plays later quarterback Jase Hughes connected with Tyler on a go route for the first touchdown on the night, two point conversion was no good.
Noah Makings kicked off to EA’s #1 Briacin Bywater, who brought the ball to the 10 yard line before being tackled. EA quarterback Jake McEnaney, on the second play of their series threw a shovel pass to running back #45 Shae DeRosier. Shae hit the open hole and took the ball to Rock Port’s 35 yard line. Four plays later, the Wolves turned the ball over on downs. This led to the second touchdown run by #27 Caden Linthicum, the two point conversion was good by #37 Gavin Abbott.
Makings kicked off to EA’s #1 Briacin Bywater, who was taken down on the five yard line. Pinned deep, the Wolves went 10 plays and moved the ball to the Rock Port 30 yard.
The series consisted of a screen pass, a shovel pass and a a hand-off to DeRosier and McEnaney on a quarterback keeper. Meyer caught a nice pass over the middle as he was hit by two defenders and a quick pitch to DeRosier, before turning the ball over on downs.
Six plays later Hughes hit Tyler Jones for his second touchdown on the night. Two point by Abbott was good, making it 21-0.
Following the kick-off, the Jays held the Wolves to a three and out. With a short punt and good field position, the Jays took advantage and four plays later running back Gavin Abbott made a cutback for 6 points and his two point conversion was good, making it 30-0.
EA’s Gus Hurst took the kick-off to midfield to give the Wolves good field position. Three plays later quarter back Jake McEnaney hit receiver Garrett Meyer on a quick slant to take the ball across midfield to the Rock Port 30 yard line. Four plays later, the Wolves turned the ball over on downs.
Quarter back Jase Hughes hit Tyler Jones for his third touchdown on the night, two point conversion by Quentin Carder was good. This gave the Jays a 38-0 lead.
The Wolves took the Makings kick-off to the 25 yard line. Six plays later Jake McEnaney hit #5 Garrett Meyer across the middle, after his catch and run the Wolves had the ball on Rock Port’s 13 yard line. Next play, linebacker Quentin Carder blitzed the middle hitting Jake McEnaney causing a fumble, Carder recovered.
Running back Quentin Carder took the handoff hitting an open seam all the way to the EA two yard line. This was followed by a bad exchange and a fumble, EA’s #56 Mason Straub recovered. Four plays later the Jays defense held forcing a punt to mid-field.
Eight plays later, Hughes handed off to Linthicum for the final touchdown of the night, followed by a two point conversion by quarterback Jase Hughes giving the Jays a final score of 46-0.
Rock Port leading tacklers were: Tyler Jones 11, Quentin Carder 7, Trenton Oswald 5, Carter Ottmann 5, Ryan Dewhirst 4, Caden Linthicum 4 and Brett Gayler 4.
Rock Port scoring stats: Tyler Jones with 3 TD, Caden Linthicum with 2 TDs, and Gavin Abbott with 1 TD,
East Atchison Offense leaders were : Jake McEnaney with 56 passing yards and Garrett Meyer with 46 receiving yards.
Following the game Tarkio recognized its 1991 State runner-p football team.