Rock Port traveled to Hardin, Missouri to take on the Harden Central -Norborne Aggies on Friday, September 23, for a non-conference game. HCB was 3-2 on the year and Rock Port was looking for win number 6.
Having won the toss Rock Port elected to receive the ball. Caden Linthicum brought the ball out to the Jays midfield. Following four short gains and a penalty, the Jays turned the ball over on downs. Hardin Central-Norborne took advantage of good field position running a quarterback keeper, a dive up the middle, a screen pass, with a penalty on the Jays, and two more quarterback keepers for a touchdown. Two point conversion was no good, but the Aggies had struck first.
The Jays lined up to receive the ball, and with an on side kick attempt the Jays took possession at midfield, as front man Ryan Dewhirst pulled in the ball. Nine plays and three penalties later, the Jays answered the Aggies with a touchdown pass from quarterback Jase Hughes to Caden Linthicum. Quentin Carder followed with the two point conversion.
Rock Port kicked a short kick giving the Aggies good field position. This was short lived when senior defensive back Tyler Jones intercepted a pass and took it back for a pick six. The Jays two point conversion was no good, making the score 14-6.
With good field position the Aggies started moving when an attempted screen pass was tipped and D-lineman Trenton Oswald picked it off. Oswald rumbled 40 yards for a touchdown which was called back by another Blue Jay penalty. Fortunately, quarterback Jase Hughes connected with Tyler Jones who took the ball from the Aggies 33 yard line to the ten before going down. This was followed by two plays for little or no gain. On a third and 16 Hughes hit Linthicun on a flair route getting the ball to about the seven yard line. On a fourth and basically goal, Hughes tried to squeeze one in to Tyler Jones in the end-zone, but the pass was no good and the Jays turned over on downs. This also brought an end to the first quarter.
The second quarter started with an encroachment penalty moving the Aggies out to the 15 yard line. Aggies QB Christian Coats took the ball to mid field, but the Jays received a little help with a holding penalty moving the ball back to the ten yard line. The Aggies ran three more plays but the Jays defense held strong and with another penalty the Aggies were forced to punt.
A kick to the 38 yard line with a nice run from QB Jase Hughes, and the Jays were back over mid field to the Aggies 36 yard line. Following another encroachment penalty, running back Quentin Carder took the ball to the 20 yard line. This was short lived as the Jays were hit with a holding penalty on the next play. The Jays were able to reach pay dirt when running back Quentin Carder went off right guard Dalton Brake, end Ryan Dewhirst and wide out Caden Linthicum’s blocks. Linthicum’s two point conversion was good.
The Aggies took Noah Makings’ kick off out to the 25. Six plays and a penalty later, the Aggies attempted a screen pass which was read well by D-lineman Dalton Brake who tackled fullback Kade Kallenberger for a loss.
Linthicum took the Aggies’ punt back to their 30 yard line. Hughes then hit Ryan Dewhirt over the middle before being brought down at the fifteen. This was followed by another round of penalties by both the Jays and the Aggies. On a fourth and long Hughes hit Jones for a sliding catch for six. Carder’s two point conversion was good.
The Aggies moved the ball well just before half until they were intercepted on the two yard line by Linthicum. This would bring an end the the first half. Jays lead 30 to 6.
The second half didn’t start off well for the Jays as they were hit with two more penalties, off sides and a personal foul late hit. This led to the Aggies second touchdown on the night. Two point conversion was good score was now 30-14. Following the kick off the Jays were sitting past mid field before being hit with another round of penalties by both teams moving the Jays up and down the field before running back Quentin Carder scored from the 35 breaking two tackles and making a nice cutback for six points. Two points was no good.
The Aggies next series took them all the way down to the Jays two yard line, where the Jays defense had their best stand of the night, taking over on down. The Jays would move the ball across mid field bringing an end to the third quarter, but not before another round of penalties.
The fourth quarter would start out well for the Jays as they put up another six points with a Hughes to Jones connection. Linthicum’s conversion was good. The Jays started taking over the game, holding the Aggies and forcing a punt. On a good series the Jays moved the ball down the field, with hard runs by Carder, a long pass by Jones and a touchdown run by freshman running back Brock Martin. Hughes two point was good.
At this point coaches started subbing JV players in and they worked hard and made the Aggies work to get their final touchdown on the night. JV offense ran a serious of plays before bringing the game to an end. Final score 52-20.
This was the hardest hitting game of the season by Rock Port. Good job boys.