Rock Port took on number two ranked South Holt / Nodaway Holt on Friday October 7, 2016 and from the opening kickoff Rock Port controlled both sides of the ball handily beating the Spartans 74-26. The Blue Jays reworked their offense this week as they were able to rush for 238 yards and passed for 244, scoring a total of 13 touchdowns and four extra points. Having lost the toss the Jays received the opening kickoff and took it to their own 20 yard line, then quickly marched the ball down field and scored with a pass from Jase Hughes to Ryan Dewhirst. The two point attempt was no good.
Noah Makings kicked deep and the Spartans would start on their own 17 yard line. On the first play from the line of scrimmage quarter back Alan Ottman and running back Brody Day had a miscue on the hand-off and Rock Port recovered the ball setting up the second score on the night. With a short field, Rock Port moved the ball down to the two before running back Quentin Carder punched it in for six. Two point attempt was no good, score now 12-0 Blue Jays.
A good defensive stand for Rock Port held the Spartans, forcing them to punt. With a short punt the Jays would start in excellent field position as they took over on the Spartans’ 32 yard line. Following a penalty, which moved them back to their own 32 yard line, Hughes hit Caden Linthicum who took the ball back to the Spartans’ 27 yard line giving the Jays 3rd and five. Hughes then hit Gavin Abbott over the middle for the first down. Two plays later Linthicum took the hand off around the end, made a nice cut off of Noah Makings’s down block and Gavin Abbott’s block out on the defensive end, and sliced through to score six points. Dewhirst’s two point reception was good. Making the score 20-0.
Once again the defense came up big holding the Spartans’ offense to three and out. A good punt put the Jays on their own 12 yard line. With their best defense of the night, the Spartan’s held the Jays forcing a punt which was blocked and returned for a touchdown. The Spartans had their first score of the night. Two point attempt was no good, score 20-6.
Tyler Jones took the kick-off back to the 40 yard line and the Jays would come out in a new offensive formation with Linthicum and Carder in a wildcat. With a direct snap to Linthicum he found a seam up the left side to take it to the 3 yard line, then followed Abbott’s lead block up the middle for six. Two point was no good, 26-6 Rock Port. On the next kick-off #85 Reagan Morris took the ball 65 yards to give the Spartans their second score of the night. Two point conversion was no good, score 26-12.
The Blue Jay offense would go to work moving the ball down the field with runs from Carder and Linthicum, who punched on in. This score was called back on a penalty. Hughes then connected with Jones for six on the very next play. Two point conversion was good, score 34-12. This would end the first quarter.
To start the second quarter the Spartans put together their one of only two offensive scoring drives on the night. The Spartans moved the ball down the field to the two yard line. Quarterback Alan Ottman ran a quarterback sneak for six and the two point attempt was good, score 34-20. With a touch back kick the Jays started on the 15 making short work, they moved the ball to mid field with a pass from Hughes to Dewhirst. Following personal foul on a late hit out of bounds, the Jays would start again on the Spartans’ 35 yard line. The next play Hughes handed the ball to Linthicum who took it off right end to the house for six. Hughes two point was no good, score 40-20.
With an on side kick by Zach Clauson, #24 Quentin Carder recovered the loose ball. This opened the door for the Jays who took advantage six plays later when Caden Linthicum punched another six points on the board. Carder’s two point attempt was good, score 48-20.
Same story, second verse. Clauson kicked an on side and this time Tyler Jones recovered, thirteen plays later the Jays would add to their lead. Hughes handed off to Linthicum for little gain, followed by a missed pass to Jones deep, then Linthicum takes the hand off for a first down. Abbott picked up two yards, Hughes then ran the option with Carder who took it down to the seven yard line. This was called back for a holding penalty. Hughes hit Dewhirst on a screen. Dewhirst was patient and followed his blocker back to the 16 yard line giving the Jays another first down. Hughes then handedoff to Linthicum who moved the ball to the six yard line. Carder, off guard, was hit at the line forcing a fumble where Abbott recovered. Three plays later, Hughes hit end Ryan Dewhirst on an out pass. Dewhirst drug two players to the end zone. Carder’s two point conversion was good, score 56-20.
Attempting a third onside kick, the Spartan’s recovered about the 40 yard line. With a short field the Spartans would go to the air to get their next and final score on the night. The score was 56-26 just before half.
With seconds left on the clock the Jays put together another scoring drive as quarterback Jase Hughes hit Caden Linthicum on a screen. Linthicum would follow his blockers 48 yards to end the first half with a touchdown as time expired off the clock. The score at half was 62- 26.
The Jays kicked off to start the second half. On the first play the Spartans attempted a pass over the middle which was picked off by linebacker Quentin Carder. Carder then took the next hand off from Hughes and rumbled down the side line to the four yard line. Two plays later Carder, with a hard run, hit pay dirt adding to the lead 68-26. Two point no good.
The Spartans ran nine more plays before turning the ball over on downs. Rock Port ran one play before Hughes hit Jones on a seam route up the middle for the final six points on the night, 74-26. It was nice to see the boys recover from their first loss of the season last week and take down the #2 ranked Spartans by 48 points. Good Offensive adjustments. Next week the Blue Jays travel to Mound City for the final game of the regular season.