To all of those who voted for me:
I thank you for entrusting me with your city. It is with sad regrets that it has come to this point. I cannot with good conscience continue to overlook and allow the kind of things that are happening to our community and be kept from doing the right thing about it by the city employees and the board of aldermen. My parents raised their children to have pride in what they do and integrity, which is something I’m finding a rare commodity these days.
I would encourage the citizens of Tarkio to start attending the regular council meetings and see for themselves the actions of whom you have elected to the board of aldermen and their code of ethics.
My wife and I could have chosen anywhere in the United States to retire, and have lived in some great places, but we chose Tarkio because it was my hometown with great friends and relatives. We love our home and have the greatest neighbors anyone could ever ask for, and hope that we will still be able to enjoy our town in the same manner we were allowed to before my becoming the mayor.
Thank you to all those that understood what I was trying to do to make our community a better place to live and I hope that better days will come.
Darrell Wiley