Everyone who lives in this rural farming community will tell you that there’s no place like home. People who grow up in the cities are always surprised to learn that we know everyone by name here, wave at everyone we meet on the road, and say hello to everyone we see face to face, whether a local or a stranger. So it’s also no surprise that when someone in the community is in need, everyone pitches in to help.
That generous spirit was shining bright on Thursday, October 20, 2016, when over thirty area farmers, using their own equipment and hardwork, joined forces to harvest Gary Vette’s crops west of Westboro, Missouri. Gary was recently injured and is unable to bring in his harvest. So, spearheaded by his brother, Bobby Vette, a group of farmers agreed to step up to the plate, or in this case, into the combines and tractors, and drive over the fields to help out a fellow farmer.
The large group of men and women were treated to a delicious lunch at St. John’s Lutheran Church west of Westboro before they got started on the crops. Anita Robertson and Two Sisters food truck supplied a filling supper to the farmers in the fields Thursday night.
Though the day began with a bit of a rain delay, once the sun came out the farmers were able to get to work and enjoy the beautiful, crisp fall day out doing what they love best, harvesting one of God’s greatest gifts – food.
It was a community effort and such a beautiful thing to see. It was also one of three helpful harvest efforts that took place in this area in a couple of days’ time. Farmers turned out to harvest the crops of the late Brian McPherson in Burlington Junction, Missouri, and the late Glen Stenzel of Hamburg, Iowa, also last week. It’s another reminder that we are so blessed to live in this rural, caring, farming community.