The Atchison County Commission met on Thursday, October 20, 2016, at the Atchison County Courthouse in Rock Port, Missouri. Present were Presiding Commissioner Curtis Livengood, North District Commissioner David P. Chapin, South District Commissioner Richard Burke, and Susette Taylor, Clerk of the Commission.
Presiding Commissioner Curtis Livengood called the meeting to order. The commissioners reviewed the 2016-2017 membership renewal for the Northwest Regional Council of Governments. The services provided through the membership are extensive and utilized by the county. South District Commissioner Richard Burke made a motion to renew the membership for services. The motion was seconded by Presiding Commissioner Curtis Livengood. There being no further discussion, the motion was approved as follows: Burke – yes, Chapin – yes, and Livengood – yes.
Clerk Taylor reported that the employee fair would be held next Thursday at the Velma Houts building. South District Commissioner Richard Burke reported that he had inspected Glider Avenue, but Road and Bridge Supervisor Meyer was not in, so it was tabled until the next meeting. There being no further business to come before the commissioners, the commission adjourned.