The Board of Aldermen of the City of Fairfax met in regular session Wednesday, October 12, 2016. Present were: Alva Stoner, Mayor; Beth Graves, Kristi Duering, and Ryan Kingery, Aldermen; Melissa Gilpin, City Clerk; John Brown, Water Superintendent; and Danny Kemerling, City Treasurer.
The aldermen voted to approve the regular minutes of September 14, 2016. They also approved accounts payable and the financial statement.
There was a brief discussion regarding the Aflac presentation. The aldermen voted to offer Aflac coverage.
Regarding the alley maintenance issue brought up at the last meeting, it was decided that the city would do what they could to help with water diversion on the Sly Street alley so that the property owners could maintain it. There is an old tube that will need to be removed and some dirt work to be done.
Alva Stoner brought up for discussion the insurance claim for the pick-up. The estimate was $2,700 and the city’s deductible is $500. The aldermen voted to add to the budget so that the repairs could be made before winter.
Melissa Gilpin passed out the preliminary QuickBooks budget reports for 2016. The preliminary 2017 budget estimates should be ready for review by the end of October. All current court cases have been cleared. There are one or two that will be on the next docket. She continues to send out clean-up letters.
Danny Kemerling, City Treasurer, reported that all accounts are in balance.
Due to a scheduling conflict the November meeting date will be changed to Monday, November 14, 2016, at 6:00 p.m.
John Brown reported that a number of the storm damage repairs are complete and the invoices have been forwarded to the insurance company. The concession stand at the ball field and the community room roof will be done in the spring unless we have a mild winter. The street project is almost complete, and will be slightly less than the original quote. John also reported that the fire department has received a new ISO rating. The Fairfax rating dropped three points and homeowners should receive a reduction on their homeowner’s insurance for 2017.
The aldermen voted unanimously to go into closed session for discussion of personnel.
The open session resumed at 7:42 p.m. and was adjourned.
(The unapproved minutes were submitted by Melissa Gilpin, City Clerk.)