Respectfully submitted by Ashtin Paris, City Clerk

The Rock Port Park Board met on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at Rock Port City Hall. Members present were Lisa Farmer, Jill Lager, Shauna Farmer, Jim Skillen, Tisha Jackson, Sheena Roup, Tawni Ellis, and Greg Young. Also present were City Clerk Ashtin Paris and Alderman Todd Stevens.
The meeting was called to order by Lisa Farmer.
Jill Lager moved to approve the August 24, 2016 meeting minutes. Sheena Roup seconded. All votes aye.
Lisa Farmer moved to approve the August 2016 financials. Shauna Farmer seconded. All votes aye.
Jill Lager moved to approve the September 2016 financials. Tisha Jackson seconded. All votes aye.
The current condition of the tennis courts and the need to resurface the courts was discussed. The board also discussed alternative uses for the tennis courts. Jim Skillen moved to conduct a citizen survey to determine the current use of the tennis courts and what the community would like to have at the City Park. Greg Young seconded. All votes aye.
4th of July beautification was tabled.
Shauna Farmer will write an article about the Rock Port Swimming Pool and Park Board Walk/Bike Path donation accounts at Citizens Bank & Trust.
Greg Young moved to pay the City of Rock Port $500/month beginning January 2017 for the park services contract. Jill Lager seconded. All votes aye.
Clerk Paris presented the 2016 budget actuals to date and the 2017 draft budget. The park board reviewed each budget line item. The payroll & payroll taxes line item was increased to $31,000. Park management was set at $6,000. The park board discussed the need for a new slide and a designated slide area for 2017. Supt. Hale requested the park board budget $5,000 for hot asphalt repairs. Concrete pads for the bleachers are budgeted for 2017. The park maintenance and repair line item was set at $13,170 and the pool maintenance and repair line item was set at $13,170 All other line items remained as presented.
Lisa Farmer gave an update on the park camera. The camera is installed and video footage may be accessed via phone or computer. Lisa, Shauna and Greg will have access to the camera. Chief of Police Shannon Sherwood will also have access to the camera footage.
The next meeting will be held Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 5 p.m. at the Rock Port Elementary School Library.
Lisa Farmer moved to adjourn. Shauna Farmer seconded. All votes aye.