Submitted by
Shawn Harper
Tomorrow is Veterans Day.
One day each year we pause to remember and honor those who served in the military. It’s a special day of remembrance, it has not been changed to a Monday like other holidays.
We honor the fallen on Memorial Day. On Veterans Day we acknowledge the service and sacrifice of everyone who served our country.
Everyone who serves makes sacrifices, even those who make it back home in one piece because life goes on here at home while they serve.
Those on active duty miss important moments of life: the birth of a child, a child’s first day of school, a son’s first touchdown or first home run. They might miss Grandpa’s last deer season, or their daughter’s first dance. And they miss other things such as anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays.
Life goes on here at home while they serve.
Families’ members make sacrifices, too. With worry worn like an itchy sweater they think about their service member because too many come home permanently scarred or in a flag covered coffin.
Veterans are proud of their service to the country.
They signed up for it. They help us appreciate what America stands for and Washington politicians need to stand up for our veterans.
Freedom is the greatest possession of mankind and it’s worth fighting for. We sleep safe from foreign enemies and have freedom for the pursuit of happiness because of those who serve in our Armed Forces.
Freedom has never been, nor will it ever be free. The Declaration of Independence did not set us free on the 4th of July in 1776. Freedom fighters and defenders of liberty fought and died for 12 years to make us free, and freedom fighters and defenders of liberty are still fighting and dying to keep us free.
Nobody can deny that our Armed Forces are the best in the world. No matter where they serve they get the job done.
They also serve here at home after Mother Nature has brutalized our homeland with floods or tornadoes.
We appreciate our guard and reserve units.
On Memorial Day we reverently fly our flag at half staff in remembrance of those who died in the line of duty.
On Veterans Day we proudly and gallantly fly our flag to honor ALL who served their duty.
Our Flag is sacred to us; it’s a symbol of what is good.
It stands for freedom and liberty and justice for all.
The red stripes are a tribute to the blood of the patriots and pioneers who fought and toiled to claim and tame this land and a tribute to the blood of those who have died defending freedom ever since then.
The white stripes symbolize the purity of our founding principles: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
The stars on our flag represent the new constellation that was formed when America declared independence and the American Spirit was born.
The Great Seal of the United States is a fitting symbol of America. An eagle holds an olive branch in its right claw signifying our desire for peace and holds arrows in its left claw signifying our ability to wage war when necessary.
There are some things we still believe in and will always believe in. There are still some undeniable truths.
We believe in justice and the right of it. We believe in goodness and the might of it. We face any challenge with courage because there’s joy and pride in it. We extend a helping hand and offer words of cheer. To us, hope, faith and patriotism are very dear. And to us, freedom is very clear.
This is the American Spirit.
Thanks to those on active duty and thanks to our veterans, peace and freedom will prevail. Today our great and grateful nation says “Thank You and God Bless You.”