The East Atchison Jr. High A and B Teams competed in basketball action in Hamburg, Iowa, November 8, 2016. All EA teams came home with the win.
The Lady Wolves defeated Hamburg 54-7. Cheyenne Gray led EA with 12 points, followed by Brynnan Poppa and Morgan Parshall with eight, Olivia Morris and Alexis Brown with four points each, and adding two points each were Jayden Van Zant, Autumn Murry, Bryli Staten, Aubrey Brown, Haley Garrison, Jaden Gooden, Morgan Shaw, Brooke Lee, and Katie Hall.
The Wolves’ A team defeated Hamburg 47-8. Ian Hedlund led the Wolves with 12 points, followed by Josh Smith with eight, Kaden Cooper, Hunter Bennett, and Carter Holecek with six each, Kaylin Merriweather with five, and Jordan Graf and Bo Graves with two each. Coach Robbie Bates said, “It was a solid effort all around. The kids used the game to work on areas that needed improvement.” The Wolves’ B team won their game 32-10. Adam Phillips led the Wolves with 14 points, followed by Dylan Campbell with eight, Tony Skeen and Cody Frohn with four each, and Deondre Hughes with two. Coach Bates remarked, “The kids continue to improve and try to use game experience to get better.”