Submitted by
Pam Cooper
The November 7 meeting of the Fairfax Sorosis was held at the Methodist Church in Fairfax. The day started with the program first. The guest of honor was Prima Mangkasing, an exchange student from Thailand. She was accompanied by Lauren Quimby, who is part of her host family in Tarkio, Missouri.
Prima is a delight and she filled us with information, pictures and experiences about Thailand. The history, official language (Thai), currency (Thai Baht – 35, Baht – U50) and religion (Buddhism) were just a few of the highlights.
She showed us beautiful pictures of Thai dancers, the president and his family and gorgeous countryside through her laptop presentation. Many questions followed which she answered willingly with a smile. Great program, Prima, thanks for joining us!
Refreshments followed which the hostesses, Debbie Johnson and Pam Cooper, provided.
We decided to have a quick meeting to end the day. The meeting was called to order by Judy. Two sets of minutes were read and approved. There were 10 members present, but two had to leave early, so roll call had eight. There were no committee reports. The treasurer reported we had $312.96 in the account. Old business concerned a possible new member that was voted on last year and automatically accepted if she chooses.
New business concerning “after prom” contributions was tabled. The food pantry donations will be at the next meeting. Leona gave us a cute joke for the critic’s report. The Bon Mot and collect were read.