Hello, Blue Jay Nation! I hope this newsletter finds you all well and that you are taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather that has blessed us. We are all so fortunate to live in an area such as ours where we can watch the colors of fall unfold!
I write this newsletter on the heels of many successes that our students and staff have shared over the past few months. So much has been achieved so far this year of which we can all be proud. After all, they are our kids, are they not? Not only did Rock Port show tremendous achievement on last spring’s standardized tests, but we also earned accreditation, once again with distinction, from the state of Missouri. Our athletes, musicians, and students involved in various organizations have been busy, as well, going above and beyond to achieve. Football earned 275 Conference Tri-Champion honors, as well as making their way to the District Championship game. Volleyball went undefeated to win the 275 Conference honor and then went on to win Districts and ultimately finished out their tremendous season with a Sectional appearance. We had two Cross Country runners make their way to state competition, and the Marching Blue Jays received several trophies over the course of their marching season including an exciting 1st place finish in the parade marching competition at the NWMSU Homecoming Parade.
On November 4, Pastor Shimmel came to the JH/HS to recognize students who were recognized by staff members for going “above and beyond” in regard to that which we expect of them earning the 1st Quarter honor of the Atta Way, Blue Jay! Award. 18 students in grades 7-12 were recognized by eight different staff members for this award. What a great semester it’s been so far!
Teachers are continuing to work hard making efforts to bring real-world connections and experiences to our students. Our students recently participated in a mock election using Chromebooks at different “polling stations” that included “real time” results via the big-screen TV’s in the HS Commons. Students are also gaining more exposure to various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) labs and activities in their classes. On November 1, some students came together for our first Blue Jay Café Open Mic Night of the year where they were able to share their many talents ranging from writing, singing, playing an instrument, dancing, rapping, and storytelling.
We have pushed past Mid-Quarter for this 2nd Quarter of school, and the holidays will be here soon. Best wishes to our students, staff, and community as we continue our work in the remaining weeks of this semester as well as those in the upcoming year.
Mrs. Jonnie Kemerling