When you think of the holidays you think of family, laughter and an abundance of love. Visuals of children still in their pajama’s waiting to see what Santa had placed for them under the tree come to mind as well as Christmas carols being sung or my personal favorite, the Nativity being put on by your local church to remind everyone the true meaning of Christmas.
Not seeing your loved ones during this time isn’t something that crosses your mind. The reality is, there are people who don’t get to be home with their families. Several men and women who are fighting to protect us and our country are spending the most magical time of the year away from friends and family.
A recent post on Facebook went viral about sending an extra Christmas Card to “A Recovering American Soldier.” After some investigating it was clear the address on the post no longer exists.
Even so, the idea of sending something to our soldiers overseas who are not with their loved ones for the holidays is an awesome notion. Through the American Red Cross another outlet was opened. A team member from the Northwest Missouri Region who is deployed right now has stepped up and volunteered to distribute gifts to our service men and women.
Now the fun part, anything homemade, from letters and cards to decorations and even food are appreciated since several of these soldiers are on their first deployment and won’t be home for Christmas.
Note: When sending food items, (pork items are prohibited) chocolate is not a great idea since it melts but blow pops, candy canes and things of that nature are fine. Coffee and coffee filters are also other great ideas.
If you would like to send a letter/card or other items to these soldiers, there will be a drop box placed inside the Atchison County Mail. Deadline is December 12 so that they can be packaged and sent off to ensure these items arrive on time. If you have any question please contact Stephanie Shineman at the Atchison County Mail either by phone (660) 744-6245 or email amail@rpt.coop. Start the season of right by making our soldiers feel our love and appreciation from across the globe. Season’s Greetings to our servicemen and women!