Fairfax R-3 School District was one out of four schools in Missouri that received 100% on their Annual Performance Report (APR) for the 2016 school year. Schools earn points based on testing, graduation rates, attendance, and other factors to calculate the APR percentage. There are over 500 school districts in the state, and only four, including Fairfax R-3, received 100% for three consecutive years.
The entire school and community celebrated the students’ and teachers’ success in testing at an awards assembly on Tuesday, November 22. Every student who scored proficient or advanced received a certificate. Over 200 certificates were given to the students. Because of the hard work and dedication by students and staff, Fairfax R-3 will have a celebration day December 9.
If a student scored proficient or advanced in all subjects in which they were tested, they received a silver medal. Students receiving silver medals were: Austin Helfers, Tatem Johnson, KayDee Duering, Cowen O’Riley, Grace Oswald, Blake Simmons, Luke Swinehart, Clayton Vernon, Hailey Bush, Jasey Smith, Zachary Stevens, Kendal Straub, Natalie Hedlund, Camryn Holecek, Cameron Oswald, Hayden Riley, Trinity Wooten, Raegan Crowley, Haley Garrison, Jaecey Hill, Carter Holecek, Olivia Morris, Joshua Smith, Oliver Smith, Stormie Wallace, Kaden Cooper, Ian Hedlund, Luke Roberson, Nicholas Hardisty, Treyton Bowling, Kilea Cooper, Jaycee Graves, Jesse Graves, Jae-lynn Hill, Katherine Baker, Tyler Brown, Zachery Garrison, Shanna Gilpin, Max Hopkins, Shelbey Morris, Jordan Sutter, Kinley Thornhill, Keevan Baker, Mickayla Bowling, Leslie Bradley, Andrew Gibbons, Tacy Mitchell, and Kwentin Roberts-Swinehart.
If a student scored advanced in all subjects in which they were tested, they received a gold medal. Students receiving gold medals were: Kendall Kingery, Collin Hedlund, Trenton Kingery, Braden Graves, Cody Frohn, Gena Mitchell, and Wyatt Burke.