Dear Editor,
I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the winter driving season is upon us. We have been very lucky so far this year and not really had any bad weather to contend with, but we all need to keep in mind that when the streets or highways get slick with snow and ice, we need to take our time and be extra cautious. We do try to keep the streets as clean and clear as possible, but it is not always possible to keep them as clear as we would like. I know that some of you may not realize this, but when the roadway reaches a temp of around 15 degrees, the salt stops working. This is why we often see shaded areas of our streets that don’t melt as well as other areas because the sun helps to warm the pavement. The city mixes chat and salt together to help with traction. We try to keep this spread on areas where people could have problems stopping or traction areas on hillsides.
The city also has streets that are marked as snow routes. These streets do not allow parking on them when we receive a significant amount of snow (usually three inches or more). I would ask that if possible, we all remove our vehicles from the streets when the weather is calling for an amount of snow that could call for the trucks to be out pushing snow. This makes it much easier and safer for them to get around and it makes for better parking along the streets once the snow is cleared. It also would be a help if we all would put the snow out of our driveaway or sidewalk into our yards after the trucks have been by. We do not try to push snow back in driveways that have been cleared, but sometimes this is not possible and we apologize in advance. The city snow routes are as follows: Main St., College St., Park St., Spruce St., Pine St., 2nd St. from Main to Walnut streets, 3rd St., 5th St., 7th St., and 13th St. We have installed some new lights on the trucks and equipment to hopefully make them more noticeable. Once again, let’s all look out for each other this winter and take a few minutes extra if needed to make sure we get where we are going safely.