The Fairfax R-3 School Board of Education held a regular board meeting December 15, 2016. Present were: Deanna Beck, Doug Miller, Chris Smith, Josh Oswald, Jon Graves, Matt Heits and Mike Lewis; board members; Michael Garrett, superintendent; Dustin Barnes, K-12 principal; Karen Burke, secretary; and Marisa Hedlund, CTA representative.
Deanna Beck read a thank you card from Aimee’ Seymour for the memorial.
Board members voted to approve the agenda as presented.
The board members reviewed the minutes from the November 17 regular and executive meetings. They also reviewed the financial report and the monthly reconciliation report indicating a liquid balance of $275,986.33 as of November 30, 2016. Dr. Garrett reviewed the fund balance with the board, indicating a total balance of all institutions at $508,556.40 as of December 15, 2016.
The December monthly bills in the amount of $113,869.98 were reviewed and approved for payment.
Dustin Barnes, K-12 Principal, reported on general information.
Dr. Garrett reported on some upcoming expenses. The check printer needs to be replaced, which will be approximately $500. Three buses have been in the shop which cost approximately $700. One bus is burning one gallon oil per day.
No one has filed for candidacy. Filing for a position on the school board is open through January 17.
The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is looking to re-do the formula, as there are a lot of advocates pushing for rural schools.
There have been issues with the boiler and a new timer was installed at a cost of $500. It has been a high maintenance item, but seems to be working much better now.
The scheduling system with practices and games seems to be working out much better.
Board members voted to approve the consent agenda.
The CFK building is officially sold and will be in possession of the new owner (Zac Smith) on January 2, 2017.
The school is required to have an audit review every year. Board members voted to approve the 2016 audit from Arthur White and Associates, LLC as presented.
Board members voted to change the calendar back to December 7 from December 9.
The superintendent evaluations will be sent out via Google Docs to all board members and Fairfax R-3 staff in January. Any changes that need to be made to the form need to be submitted from the board within the next two weeks.
The next regular board meeting will be Thursday, January 19, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. in the library.
Board members voted to go into executive session as allowed by the Revised Statutes of Missouri 610.021.3 and 610.021.6.
The board returned to its regular meeting and adjourned.