The new year is bringing new options for pain control for mothers laboring at Community Hospital-Fairfax (CH-F). The CH-F Obstetrical Department is proud to offer nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, as a choice available for mothers.
In the United States epidurals are commonly used for labor pain, but worldwide nitrous oxide is extremely popular in the delivery room. Interest is growing in the State of Missouri with several major birthing centers adding nitrous oxide as an option. Community Hospital-Fairfax is the first in Northwest Missouri to add this exciting service.
In addition to being safe for babies, there are many benefits to nitrous oxide use. It is self-administered by the mother and is rapidly effective. It can be administered at any point during labor and does not require a certain dilation threshold like an epidural. Nitrous oxide also has no effect on slowing labor.
There are instances when nitrous oxide would not be an appropriate option. These instances will be discussed with new mothers by their physicians. Mothers are encouraged to begin discussing nitrous oxide use with their physician during prenatal visits.
CH-F’s Obstetrical Department continues to work toward offering more services to families choosing to deliver close to home. Nitrous oxide and the availability of a certified lactation counselor are two of the newest opportunities available for mothers.
For more information about obstetrical services at CH-F, call (660) 686-2211 or visit with a member of the CH-F Medical Staff today.