Submitted by Geri Duren, Auxiliary secretary

Evelyn called meeting to order on January 3, 2017.
Nancy gave opening prayer. We had six members present.
Secretary’s report was gone over and was approved.
Treasurer’s report was given. Evelyn turned in the bill for the Christmas gifts. We have eight veterans and four auxiliary ladies at the rest homes in Rock Port and Mound City.
New business: Geri will talk with Shauna Farmer about Girl’s State. Motion was made and seconded that when our regular meeting falls on a holiday we will meet the 1st Tuesday of the month. Motion carried. We’ll host the District meeting the 4th of March. It’ll be held at the Memorial Building. We will be asking for salads and desserts to be donated. These meeting are open to all Auxiliary members. Evelyn also asked if anyone wanted to order new T-shirts.
There being no further business. Nancy gave prayer for peace and Evelyn adjourned the meeting. Next meeting will be February 6th.