The Watson Quilters did not meet Thursday night out of respect for Anita. We did, however, get the Blue Jay T-shirt back from the quilter and into the hands of Jill Davis. I think it turned out great, so all you Blue Jay fans, buy some chances on that quilt, you will love it.
I’m not certain what Emily Dickinson had in mind when she wrote, “Bring me a sunset in a cup.” It just didn’t seem to go with the rest of the poem.
Now, if someone wrote, “Bring me a sunset in a bottle” (or can), I think I could figure that one out.
But a sunset in a cup? When I think of a sunset in a cup, I’m sure a cup could never hold a sunset that spans our western sky. I think that cup would overflow with pinks and lavenders in a maceral sky, just like our blessings overflow at the end of each day. May we all have an overflowing cup of sunset.
Here’s my version of such a poem:
Bring me a sunset in a cup
Those overflowing hues.
As pinks and lavenders spread
Into existing blues.
Bring me a sunset in a cup
As the day gently goes
All my blessings in a cup,
A cup that overflows.