Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Sam Graves today introduced legislation to restore the name of Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge, outside of Mound City, Missouri. The area was renamed by the Obama White House in the final days of its administration last month.
“Despite clear and overwhelming objections from the people who live around Squaw Creek, the US Fish and Wildlife Services went ahead and changed the name of the refuge anyway,” Rep. Graves said. “Their reasons were flawed, their process was flawed, and their priorities during their final days in power were flawed. The bill I introduced today will restore the Squaw Creek that all of us in northwest Missouri have known for the past 80 years.”
In December, Director Ashe, announced intention to change the name of wildlife refuges that they considered “offensive.” Their push for political correctness included a target on Squaw Creek, a name established by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1935. The administration’s plans, however, were developed without considering input from anyone who lives around Squaw Creek, as those affected most by this decision were left out of the process entirely.
H.R. 847 will ensure that Squaw Creek is referred to by its original name, Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge, in all official, related documents issued by the United States government going forward. A copy of the legislation is attached to this release.