The Fairfax R-3 School Board met Thursday, February 16, 2017, at 12:30 p.m. in the Fairfax School Library. Board President Deanna Beck called the meeting to order. Present were Doug Miller, Mike Lewis, Chris Smith, Jon Graves, and Josh Oswald. Absent was Matt Heits. Others present were Superintendent Michael Garrett, K-12 Principal Dustin Barnes, secretary Karen Burke, Libby Lotter and Melissa Graves, representing the CTA.
The agenda was approved. The board reviewed the minutes from the January 19, 2017, regular and executive meetings and the February 8 special meeting. The board reviewed the financial report and the monthly reconciliation re­port indicating a liquid balance of $943,808.25 as of January 31, 2017. Dr. Garrett reviewed the fund balance with the board, indicating a total balance of all institutions at $1,190.858.51 as of February 16, 2017. The February monthly bills in the amount of $87,881.53 were reviewed and approved for payment.
Superintendent’s Report
• Building Use: Papers were signed and building was used on February 14 by the women’s auxiliary committee for a chili supper.
• Employee Insurance: Dr. Garrett has applied for insurance with two different companies and we have been denied by both. We will continue with our same coverage.
• Transportation: Tarkio is looking into leasing buses for next year. They will include Fairfax in the pricing to see if it will be any cheaper. 95-97% of the miles on buses are used on activities. If this co-op continues, we may look into having just one transportation director for both schools for the activities’ side of things.
• Sewer Line: We have had sewer problems backing up into the bathrooms in the gymnasium. It is on the west side of the building and it is being addressed.
The board members voted to approve the consent agenda.
New Business
• 2017-18 Fairfax School Calendar – The first draft of the calendar shows a start date of August 17, 2017, and 174 school days. This is very similar to 2016-17 calendar. By law, there will be a public hearing for any concerns due to starting ten days prior to Labor Day.
• 2017-18 Lunch Prices – By law, the school is required to meet a minimum amount for school lunch prices. Josh Oswald made a motion to raise lunch prices up $0.15 for the 2017-18 school year with a minimum price of $2.05. Chris Smith seconded the motion and the vote was approved 6 (yes) and 0 (no).
• January 2017 Policy/Regulation updates – The board reviewed policies and regulations. Doug Miller made a motion to table the policies and regulations until the next regular board meeting. Josh Oswald seconded the motion and the vote was approved 6 (yes) and 0 (no).
• CD Investment – Jon Graves made a motion to move the expiring CD from BAC Florida Bank to MOSIP in the amount of $100,413.14. Jon Graves made a motion to move $245,000 out of liquid cash and put into Goldwater Bank account. ($100,000 from previously cashed CD) Mike Lewis seconded the motion and the vote was approved 6 (yes) and 0 (no).
• Donation Acceptance: CelesTech has donated $1,500 to go toward science activity. The board voted to accept the $1,500 from CelesTech.
The meeting moved into executive session. The meeting was adjourned at 4:24 p.m. The next regular board meeting will be Thursday, March 16, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. in the library.