February 15, 2017
The Rock Port Board of Aldermen met Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. with Mayor Pro Tem Todd Stevens presiding in the absence of Mayor Seaman. Present were Aldermen Chris Chamberlain and Shawn Shineman. Also present were City Superintendent Trevor Hale, Utility Clerk Terri McGuire, City Clerk Ashtin Paris, Chief of Police Shannon Sherwood, Fire Chief Scott Jones and Assistant Fire Chief Dan Athen. Also present were Craig Walker and Randy Friesen.
Mayor Pro Tem Todd Stevens called the meeting to order.
Shineman moved to approve the meeting agenda. Chamberlain seconded. All votes aye.
Chamberlain moved to approve the January 18, 2017 meeting minutes. Shineman seconded. All votes aye.
Fire Chief Scott Jones reported that the contract has been signed to purchase a new fire truck.
Costs for the fire truck are as follows: Rosenbauer FX Pumper & specified equipment – $188,032 2018 International 4400 Chassis – $85,000 Total – $273,032
Rock Port School Superintendent Craig Walker presented a request to burn brush from the land clearing on Bluff Street with the assistance of the Rock Port Fire Department. The school purchased the property for the Ag program and also has plans for a walking path for the community on the property. The school will need to apply for a burn permit from DNR and will need to obtain signed waivers from property owners less than 200 yards from the burning.
Chamberlain moved to approve the City financial statements, accounts payables, sales tax reports, delinquent tax list, and all board and departmental reports. Shineman seconded. All votes aye.
Shineman moved to approve the Utility financial statements, accounts payables, purchased power and water statements, take or pay water use report, water loss reports, and Utility Clerk report. Chamberlain seconded. All votes aye.
Bill # 1177 – Amending 2017 City Budget (Fire Dept. Sales Tax) – was read. Chamberlain moved to approve the first reading. Shineman seconded. Roll call vote was taken. Chamberlain, Shineman, and Stevens voted aye. Nay – none. Absent – Taylor. Stevens moved to approve the second reading. Chamberlain seconded. Chamberlain, Shineman and Stevens voted aye. Nay – none. Absent – Taylor. Mayor Pro Tem declared Bill # 1177, Ordinance # 1177.
Stevens moved to redeem all Fire Department CDs at maturity. Shineman seconded. All votes aye.
CD # 13031 Maturity Date: 12/28/2017
CD # 13510 Maturity Date: 08/19/2017
CD # 13544 Maturity Date: 01/17/2018
CD # 13803 Maturity Date: 07/30/2017
Stevens moved to update the signature cards for the lockboxes at CB&T. Shineman seconded. All votes ayes.
Updates to be made on accounts are as follows:
#151: Remove Brenda Clemens, Jo Stevens and David Shrader from lockbox # 151 signature cards and add Chris Chamberlain, Todd Stevens, Terri McGuire, Trevor Hale and Ashtin Paris
#195: Remove Willie Holmes & Maureen Moore from lockbox # 195 signature cards. Add Chris Chamberlain, Todd Stevens, Trevor Hale and Ashtin Paris. Terri McGuire is currently on the signature card and shall remain on the signature card.
Shineman moved to place the surplus equipment up for sealed bid and authorize City Superintendent Trevor Hale to place additional surplus equipment up for sealed bid if deemed necessary. Chamberlain seconded. All votes aye.
Surplus equipment is as follows: 1973 John Deere snow blower
1980 International snow blower
1986 Kuhn mower
Stevens moved to approve the purchase of a locator from Vermeer not to exceed $4,300.00. Chamberlain seconded. All votes aye.
Stevens moved to sell bricks for $0.25/brick and fire hydrants for $50/hydrant. Shineman seconded. All votes aye.
The transportation sales tax was discussed. A ½ percent transportation sales tax question has been placed on the April 4th ballot. Randy Friesen questioned what the transportation tax will be used for. Alderman Chamberlain reported that the transportation tax will be used for city streets. Anticipated revenue is an additional $110,000.00 to be used for improving the city streets. Hale presented a map detailing street improvements beginning with the street lease projects completed in 2001 and 2015-2016 improvements from refinancing the street lease. City staff will work on a press release for the newspaper.
Chief of Police Shannon Sherwood reported that the owner of the junk vehicles located at Hale Fireworks has until February 27th to remove all 18 junk vehicles located on the property.
City Superintendent Trevor Hale reported that no response has been received from DNR concerning the City Compost Site. Warmer temperatures have allowed crews to perform early season pothole patching. The new bobcat purchased from Merz Equipment has been delivered. Hale presented suggested concrete street projects for 2017 and requested the Mayor and Aldermen review the suggestions and offer further suggestions. Projects were chosen based on traffic and road condition. Total estimated material cost for the concrete streets is $178,885 which does not include labor. $106,350 is budgeted for 2017 street improvements materials. Hale suggested 3-4 streets be selected for 2017 and additional funds be used for hot mix asphalt repairs.
Suggested concrete street projects for 2017 are as follows:
1. Water St. – Cass to Opp
2. College St. – Main to Market
3. Calhoun St. – Main to Water
4. Hillside Dr. – Country Club Dr. to Fairlane Ct.
5. Calhoun St. – Main to Market
6. Clay St. – Main to Alley
Hale reported that he received a quote from Allied Systems for $10,484.00 to replace the control panel at the Burke Circle lift station. Project cost has been budgeted in the sewer improvements capital expenditures line. Flow data was obtained from ACWWC to gain insight on actual water loss experienced from leaks throughout December and January. Hale is working on installing programs to read the SCADA system to monitor daily flows.
Chamberlain thanked Alderman Stevens for presenting the claim appeal to the MIRMA Board of Directors and City staff for working on the appeal.
Stevens discussed the non-compliance at the City Compost Site. Stevens also reported on the claim appeal decision of the MIRMA Board of Directors. Stevens reported that he spoke with a potential candidate for the North Ward Alderman position.
Clerk Paris reported that Amazon began collecting use tax on February 1, 2017. Lavon Paukert has filed as a write-in candidate for the South Ward Alderman. MIRMA has provided a bid packet for the city to obtain comparable quotes. A bid advertisement will be placed in the newspaper for bids to be opened at the March meeting. The City Attorney will be preparing documentation for annexation of City property not currently in city limits.
Chamberlain moved to adjourn. Shineman seconded. All votes aye.