ACDC Director Monica Bailey gave an update on the local organizations at the Tarkio/Westboro business lunch Wednesday, March 15, 2017, at the Tarkio Nutrition Center.

Atchison County De­vel­opment Corporation (ACDC) held a business lunch for Tarkio and Westboro business personnel at the Tarkio Nutrition Center Wednesday, March 15, 2017. Lori Seymour, ACDC Secretary, welcomed all in attendance and Lydia Hurst, ACDC Board member, led everyone in prayer. A delicious dinner served by the Tarkio Nutrition Center staff was enjoyed by all.
Sheridan Mires with the Tarkio College Alumni Association gave an update on the progress of Tarkio College. Tarkio College has been given a certificate of occupancy for the main floor of Thompson College Learning Center. The Missouri Department of Higher Education will soon be coming in for an inspection to complete the certification process. Sheridan said that the school will be a two-year college for general studies. She encourages anyone wanting to see the progress made at the college to give her a call to schedule a time to take a tour sometime. The renovations are quite remarkable.
Steve Klute was the next guest speaker. Steve is the Tarkio R-I School Board President. He gave an update on the progress the school board has made with its superintendent search. This past school year, Interim Superintendents Rob Dowis and Bruce Skoglund, with help from administrative assistant H.A. Adams, saw to things while the board searched for a new permanent superintendent. The school board has hired Karma Coleman to be the superintendent starting this summer and everyone is excited to welcome her into the fold.
ACDC Director Monica Bailey ended the meeting with an update on ACDC. The organization has made great strides in and continues to work with Atchison County students in showing them all the job opportunities available to them after they complete their college studies. The key is to keep these young leaders coming back. ACDC is sponsoring job shadowing for juniors and seniors in the next few weeks. Director Bailey also reminded all about the Business Improvement Grant that ACDC provides. This is a matching grant that will reimburse 50% of the cost of eligible improvements, up to a maximum of $1,000. Applications are being accepted via mail only. For more information about ACDC, visit, visit Atch­ison County De­vel­opment Corporation on Facebook, or email