The Missouri Department of Higher Education has announced that they will be conducting a review and inspection of Tarkio College for the purposes of certification on Thursday, April 13, 2017. This long awaited event is the final step in the complex certification process. President Bob Hughes, along with board members, staff and faculty of the college, will be available to the inspectors, presenting the case for certification.
Tarkio College has proposed to open with just two programs: General Studies and Emergency Community Preparedness. The college board of directors made the decision to start small and grow as the needs of the community increase. The goal is to develop a college that meets the needs of the regional community. The input of the surrounding school districts and their guidance counselors will be the critical component in deciding which programs to add to the curriculum. The goal is to supplement the post-secondary educational opportunities which already exist. President Hughes calls this “filling in the gaps” in the post-secondary educational continuum. It is the objective of Tarkio College to have a full spectrum of courses and classes within three years. The master plan, according to President Hughes, is to revitalize Tarkio College into a responsive regional post-secondary school which maintains an open admission policy, providing training, education and skills certification, which meets the needs of the residents of northwest Missouri, southwest Iowa and eastern Nebraska. Tarkio College is a charitable non-profit organization, whose board of directors is selected from the Tarkio College Alumni Association.