Georgia Houghton, left, and Mike Logan, right, both of Tarkio, are new officers for the Tarkio Police Department. Officer Houghton began October of last year and Officer Logan began March 17, 2017.

Tarkio residents can feel a sense of ease having two extra familiar faces patrolling the streets of Tarkio. Georgia Houghton and Michael Logan have joined the Tarkio Police Department and are helping keep the city safe and reducing crime.
Georgia Houghton has been on part-time patrol since October 2016. Though she has been in law enforcement since 2003, locals will remember her as their sixth grade teacher, a favorite among many. Mrs. Houghton, as we knew her back then, was instrumental in starting the D.A.R.E. program in Atchison County and making it a non-profit. Many, many students went through the program (which is still in existence) and became the better for it. Following her 28-year teaching career, Mrs. Houghton became Officer Houghton, or more specifically, Atchison County Deputy Houghton. She worked for the Sheriff’s Department for 13 1/2 years before beginning her duties as a part-time Tarkio Police Officer. Officer Houghton says she is loving working in this town she’s called home for over forty years. “The citizens have been very welcoming and I’ve received numerous positive comments.” Indeed it’s a bonus to not only have an officer who makes sure the law is upheld, but who also knows us all well enough to make sure that any situation is handled with care. Officer Houghton said she never knows what situation she will find herself in, as we know anything can happen, even in small-town America. From handling situations involving people with mental illness, to dealing with criminals, or helping victims of domestic violence, every situation is handled with respect of the individual and respect of the law. She said it’s always a little hard dealing with victims that you know, but obviously if they are committing a crime it’s not. But nothing stops her from doing the job that needs doing.
Officer Houghton will continue to work part-time for the City of Tarkio and is also working part-time for the Rock Port Police Department. She joked that her husband told her she needed to print up business cards that say, “Have gun, will travel.”
Recently joining the Tarkio Police Department is Mike Logan, a 12 year veteran of law enforcement, having worked in Holt County, Missouri, Smithville, Missouri, and as a military police officer.
Officer Logan said it’s a heartfelt feeling to be back home, protecting not only the people he grew up with, but his family members still living here. He said that he’s traveled the world, but there’s no place like home. He said it is sad to see how some things have fallen by the wayside and need fixed and changed, but he’s hoping, by being an officer, he can help.
As some of you may remember, Mike is a body builder. He was recently recognized by the City of Smithville for saving a man whose car had fallen on top of him. Mike was able to lift the car off the man while someone pulled him to safety. But, his strength isn’t all he’s known for. He’s one people can truly feel at ease with. He says one plus about working in a small town police department is there’s no hierarchy or political mumbojumbo here. Yes, there’s still respect, but he’s happy to be living in a town where the officer and mayor can be called by their first names. People who hold high status positions here are available on a more personable level, which sometimes greatly helps solve problems as everyone is working as a team.
Officer Logan, or Mike as he can be called, is a full-time police officer in Tarkio. Even though things work at a slower pace than the city, things can still happen at any moment. But here, he’s able to not only respond to a crime, but investigate it himself and see that the issue is solved. Because he knows the people he’s dealing with, handling situations is a bit different here. You still make sure the law is upheld, but in a respectful manner as these are people you live and work around every day, as well as their families.
Also, in the past, especially in Smithville, Officer Logan was very involved in the school. Though this city is working on a much smaller budget so he’s not able to be in the school on a daily basis, he’s looking forward to getting to know the kids and hopefully work with them in a positive manner. These are our future leaders, or future criminals if not dealt with or treated in the right way. Making positive changes starts with our youth.
The officers’ schedule is rotating so officers will be working different shifts and hours, so whether you are on your way to work of a morning or coming home of an evening, give Mike a wave and welcome him home. Mike said, “I’m very happy to be back home with my family and the people I grew up with.” And we are happy to have him back.