Mayor Jeff Seaman (left) was presented with a plaque by Mayor Pro Tem Todd Stevens (right) in recognition of his 8 years of service and dedication to the City of Rock Port.

RP list of 2017 approved street projects.

The Rock Port Board of Aldermen met Wednesday, March 29, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. with Mayor Jeff Seaman presiding. Present were Aldermen Chris Chamberlain, Todd Stevens, Shawn Shineman and Tim Taylor. Also present were City Superintendent Trevor Hale, Utility Clerk Terri McGuire, City Clerk Ashtin Paris, and Chief of Police Shannon Sherwood; and MIRMA Loss Control Specialist Jeff Arp.
Mayor Seaman called the meeting to order.
Shineman moved to approve the meeting agenda. Stevens seconded. All votes aye.
Stevens moved to approve the February 15, 2017, meeting minutes. Chamberlain seconded. All votes aye.
Mayor Seaman presented a certificate of appreciation to Alderman Shawn Shineman in recognition of his dedication and service to the City of Rock Port. Shawn served as South Ward Alderman from July 2015 – April 2017.
Mayor Seaman presented a certificate of appreciation to Alderman Chris Chamberlain in recognition of his dedication and service to the City of Rock Port. Chris served as North Ward Alderman from April 2009 – April 2017.
Mayor Pro Tem Todd Stevens presented a plaque to Mayor Seaman in recognition of his dedication and service to the City of Rock Port. Jeff served as Mayor from April 2009 – April 2017.
Stevens moved to approve the City financial statements, accounts payables, sales tax reports, delinquent tax list, and all board and departmental reports. Taylor seconded. All votes aye.
Stevens moved to approve the Utility financial statements, accounts payables, purchased power and water statements, take or pay water use report, water loss reports, and Utility Clerk report. Taylor seconded. All votes aye.
No sealed bids for insurance services were received.
Sealed bids were opened for surplus equipment. Sealed bids were as follows:
Trystan Lair – 1986 Kuhn mower, $150.00.
Cody Joesting – 1973 John Deere snow blower, $550.00.
Taylor moved to accept both bids. Stevens seconded. All votes aye.
No bids were received for the 1980 International snow blower. The equipment will be scrapped due to not receiving any bids.
The brick drawing for the 64482 zip code was held. Bricks will be sold in the order as follows: Dale Dickkut, Steve Grossman, Eric Chamberlain, and Tony Rader.
Remaining bricks will be sold to Martin Jenkins of Westboro, Mo. and Chris Rader of Forest City, Mo.
The fire hydrant drawing was not held. The number of people requesting hydrants was equal to the number of hydrants. Hydrants will be sold to Carma Eagans, JoLynn Shineman, Liz Garst, Joni Bressler and Jared Meyerkorth.
The MIRMA claim history from 07/01/2012 to present was reviewed. MIRMA also provided an overview of coverage and an estimated FY 2018 assessment of $47,016.
Supt. Hale presented the list of 2017 street projects for approval. Street projects are listed in order of repair importance and ranked on three criteria – condition, traffic flow, and funding availability.
1. College Street – Main to Market
2. Calhoun Street– Main to Water
3. Calhoun Street – Main to Market
4. Water Street – Cass to Opp
5. Hillside Drive – Country Club to Fairlane Court
6. Clay Street – Main to alley
Taylor reported that several citizens had spoken to him about replacing Calhoun Street from Main Street to the school. Hale reported that the first phase of the Calhoun Street project has been placed on the 2017 project list. The replacement is scheduled one block at a time due to manpower and cost. Cost to replace Calhoun Street from Main to Kansas was presented in 2016 at an estimated $116,781.
Stevens moved to approve the 2017 street projects as presented. Shineman seconded. All votes aye.
It was noted that not all projects may be completed in 2017 due to manpower and budget. Any project not completed during 2017 will be scheduled for 2018.
Clerk Paris presented information on the text caster notification system. The system may be used to send out messages via text, e-mail, or both. Each person that signs up for the text caster will be able to choose which notifications he/she wants to receive. Clerk Paris contacted NorthwestCell to sponsor the City of Rock Port text caster for the annual fee of the program. Stevens moved to approve the text caster notification system upon sponsorship determination. Shineman seconded. All votes aye.
Chief of Police Shannon Sherwood reported that he attended ALICE training and is now a certified Active Intruder Training Instructor. Two trainings with local entities have been scheduled thus far.
Chief Sherwood also reported that the owner of the junk vehicles purchased repair and rehabilitation permits for the vehicles. Clerk Paris reported that the owner purchased 14 permits total. Permits were $20.00 per vehicle and expire on April 28, 2017. Any extension to the permits may only be granted by a majority vote of the Board of Aldermen. The fee for any extension is $100.00 per permit.
Clerk Paris read an update on Judge Patrick McLaughlin. He will need to attend the Municipal Judges’ Conference in May to maintain his certification and requested confirmation that Rock Port and Tarkio will be paying for the conference expenses this year as done in the past. The board agreed that conference expenses will be paid as budgeted. Clerk Paris reported that termites were found in City Hall. Termite extermination is scheduled for Friday, April 14. Estimated cost is $2,454 and includes a 5 year warranty. The April meeting is scheduled for April 19 at 6:00 p.m. Newly elected officials will be sworn in at the April 19 meeting.
City Superintendent Trevor Hale reported that sidewalk project has begun. The pool groundwater has been pumped to a manageable level and the pool has been drained. Power washing and painting has been scheduled for the week of April 3rd. The replacement of the Burke Circle lift station control panel has been scheduled to be performed at the end of June. The final five services have been migrated to the 6” main on Water St., eliminating the old galvanized 2” from service. A water leak was found on Main St. The leak size is estimated at 300,000 gallons through the period of a month. A plan will be put together to install a 2” main on the east side of Main St. eliminating the old galvanized services and minimizing infrastructure under Main St. One unused water service has been removed and sewer mainline repair done in the alley east of the new school parking lot. Electrical upgrade work continues on the switch station and circuit 2 and 4 conversion. Several sample auto read electric meters have been installed and set up and may be route read with the handheld device. The VGB system used for vehicle reading was sent back for a software update. Upon receipt and verification of reading operation, 220 auto read electric meters will be purchased, as budgeted in the capital expenditures budget, and installed.
Alderman Shineman thanked the Mayor and Aldermen for having him serve on the board. He expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to gain insight on the operations of the City.
Alderman Chamberlain reported on the ACDC luncheon. He reported the compliments to the City crew for the work being done on the streets and water lines.
Alderman Stevens reported that Janice had expressed her appreciation for the work being done to resolve the Atchison County Library’s electrical concerns. Stevens recommended adding the street lease information to the sales tax information. Stevens also reported on the meeting with RS Electric. Weekly coordination meetings will be held for the project.
Mayor Seaman expressed the honor and privilege of serving as the Mayor of Rock Port for the past 8 years. He wished the best of luck to the future boards for continued progress and success.
The aldermen expressed their appreciation for Mayor Seaman’s service to the community and for willingness to go out and do what is best for Rock Port while not originally being from Rock Port.
Shineman moved to adjourn into executive session for personnel matters pursuant to Section 610.021(13) RSMo. Chamberlain seconded. Roll call vote was taken. Stevens, Chamberlain, Shineman and Taylor voted aye. Nay – none. Absent – none.
Taylor moved to adjourn executive session and resume regular session. Chamberlain seconded. All votes aye.
Taylor moved to adjourn. Stevens seconded. All votes aye.