The Atchison County Development Corporation (ACDC) Board meeting was held April 12, 2017. Present were: W.C. Farmer, Lydia Hurst, Lori Seymour, Roger Martin, Scott Melvin, Craig Corken, and Bob Alldredge. Monica Bailey was also present.
Board members voted to approve minutes as presented.
Membership dues were discussed and the financials were approved as presented.
Director’s Report
• March community lunches: There were 64 in attendance at the Tarkio Nutrition Center, 28 at the Rock Port Country Club, and 50 at the Fairfax Community Room.
• Job Shadowing Days: Junior day was March 29, where 21 businesses hosted 38 students. Senior day will be April 19.
• Business Improvement Grant: $4,600 in grant funds were awarded on March 30. The next round of applications will be considered around April 27. A total of $6,400 is still available, with a maximum reimbursement of $1,000 per grant.
• Bailey mentioned SB 426 that would allow local governing authority to renew an EEZ and discussed how ACDC could support this bill.
New Business
• The board reviewed nonprofit requests. Bailey provided additional information on Tarkio Rodeo Association’s bleachers request, which will be discussed later in the year as their capital campaign progresses. Bailey also mentioned a request for assistance from the Tarkio Nutrition Center for their sidewalk project. This will be discussed in more detail once the scope of the project has been more defined. Bailey will contact regional offices about other grants that might be available for this type of need.
• The board discussed ACDC’s scholarship program and how it might be better promoted and utilized in the future. The 2017 scholarship recipients were then selected, with a $1,000 scholarship for a technical training program and a $1,000 four-year education program both awarded to each school.
The meeting was then adjourned.