Two of Terry & Cathy Lesher’s Dorper sheep gave birth to triplets. Nineteen baby sheep have been born at their farm in the last two weeks including the two sets of triplets, six sets of twins, and one single baby.

Spring is always a beautiful time of year, one of regrowth and new birth. For Terry and Cathy Lesher, the new birth at their farm is exceeding expectations. The Leshers raise Dorper sheep and in the past two weeks, two sets of triplets and six sets of twins have been born. Added to a single lamb, the babies number 19. Triplets are rare, especially two sets, and the Leshers are enjoying the extra beautiful babies running around the farm.
The Leshers have raised sheep off and on for years. When they closed their pumpkin patch, the couple began raising Dorpers, an easy-care animal that produces a short, light coat of wool and hair that is shed in late spring and summer. Though the Dorpers are bred for their meat, the Leshers are raising them as lawn care pets (they keep the grass low), as well as selling them. The babies are as rambunctious and loving as puppies and love getting attention, as well as bounding from dirt and limb piles or skipping across the fields behind their mothers. Due to the numerous fluffy babies, the Leshers are having to bottle feed a few, including Popsicle, a tiny triplet that is half the size of its siblings, and Lollipop, a twin whose mother didn’t want to feed two.
The other animals, cows and cats and a dog, don’t seem to mind the extra cuteness running about and even the dog has been known to put a paw on the babies to keep them safe; though who wants to stay still? These babies sure don’t. Whether nursing or scampering about, they are a sight to behold.