The City of Tarkio Board of Aldermen met Wednesday, May 10, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted. Roll call was done by Tarkio City Clerk Becky Jones: aldermen Mike Klosek, Scott Poppa, and Ed Hunkins were all present, alderman Andy Riley was absent. Riley entered meeting at 6:08 p.m.
The Public Hearing was called to order. The Public Hearing was called to hear the planning commission’s recommendation of the possible zoning change for building garages/sheds on vacant lots without homes. Craig Livengood of the planning commission was present to talk to the board and give them the recommendation of the planning commission. The planning commission made a motion to leave the ordinance as it reads and not allow garages/sheds to be built on vacant lots without homes, but to continue to approve the request from residents individually as it has been done. The Tarkio Board of Aldermen gave their concerns of the empty lots in Tarkio and receiving either no taxes or very little taxes on them. The Public Hearing was closed.
Mayor Timothy Morehouse called the regular meeting to order. Visual roll call was taken by Clerk Jones. Visitors present included Craig Livengood with the Tarkio Planning Commission, David Lee with the Tarkio Board of Public Works, Karen Clark, Sherri Clement, Nancy Barrett, Richard Weidenaar, Selena Somerville, Mike Klosek, Sr., and Mark Staten. City Employees present were Tarkio Police Chief Tyson Gibbons, Tarkio Police Officers Adam Stanton and Mike Logan, Tarkio Park Superintendent Kevin Bennett, and Tarkio Street Superintendent Jamie Quimby.
Minutes of the April 12, 2017, regular meeting were approved as distributed.
Riley requested to add ACDC Business Grant request for sidewalk improvements to the agenda. Mr. Lee requested to add approval of a new Board of Public Works Board member to the agenda.
David Lee was present to request the board to appoint Scott Morehouse to be approved to serve on the Tarkio Board of Public Works Board. Riley requested the attorney to be asked if it is legal for Scott Morehouse to sit on that board since his brother is the Mayor. Hunkins noted that the ordinance states that there will be a non-partisan board also: Section 119.130. The administration of the Board of Public Works shall at all times and in all respects, be entirely non-partisan, and not more than two (2) members thereof shall belong to the same political party. Riley made a motion to change the ordinance, removing Section 119.130, the motion died for lack of a second.
Mark Staten came to speak on Tarkio Renewal’s lots that are for sale at 2nd and Main. The contractor taking down the Walnut Inn would like to utilize the empty lots while removing the building. Staten noted that they would allow them to use the lots, but not after September 2017. The owners have a contract on the demolition of the Walnut Inn.
Mayor Morehouse opened the only bid for the 2017 Street Resurfacing – Herzog Contracting Corporation. The street department had two options to bid on for the 2017 Street Overlay projects: Option 1 – Main Street from 9th to 6th; and Option 2 – Pine Street from 5th to 7th, 7th Street Pine to Walnut Street, widening the street to 20 feet. Option 1 bid is for $42,840.00 and Option 2 bid is for $19,200.00. Riley made a motion to accept Option 1 for $42,840.00. Hunkins seconded the motion, 2 “ayes” voted for the motion and second and 2 “nays” voted against the motion. Mayor Morehouse voted nay against. Klosek made a motion to approve Option 2 for $19,200.00, 2 “ayes” voted for the motion and 2 “nays” voted against the motion. Mayor Morehouse voted “aye” in favor of the motion. Option 2 will be done for the 2017 Street Overlay Project.
The consensus was to put the area on 6th and Ash streets out for bid for concrete and asphalt both.
A discussion was held on yard clean up. Poppa stated that Tarkio City-Wide Clean-Up was done and he would like to know if letters are being sent out to owners for their yards not in compliance. Gibbons addressed the matter. Mayor Morehouse stated the City-Wide Clean-Up was originally started for residents to clean up their property and it has turned into everyone cleaning out their sheds/houses, etc. At least 70% was not yard clean up items. Riley made a motion to do away with City Wide Clean-Up, the motion died for lack of a second.
At 7:33 p.m., Mayor Morehouse called for a 5-minute break. The meeting reconvened at 7:42 p.m. All members present.
Riley asked the board if the aldermen would be okay with submitting a grant to help Tarkio Nutrition Center with the sidewalk replacement in front of their buildings. Klosek made a motion to approve sending the grant request to Atchison County Development Corporation, Poppa seconded the motion, 4 “ayes” voted to accept the motion and the second.
Ed Hunkins – Fire Department: Hunkins had nothing to report.
Michael Klosek – City Buildings: Klosek had nothing to report.
Andy Riley – Street Department: Riley gave the Street Department report for April and May. The week of May 1-5 was the annual City-Wide Clean-Up. There were 38 dump truck loads for 22.49 tons, including 79 TVs picked up and 113 man hours, 37 gallons of gas and 70 gallons of diesel fuel used. The department was called out for tree limbs on April 29. Tim shared an idea he had about making more room down at the brush pile. We have moved material around and it has created a much larger area to be used. The old asphalt material is now making a berm on the north side of this property. The department will be working at replacing some street signs. All curbs and street edges have been cleaned up for the spring and will most likely be done again in the fall when leaves fall. Trash was found at the brush pile, again. The department attempted to help the water company with an issue they had after the corn storage at Ag Partners failed and corn covered a man hole. Grading is pretty much done for the parking area south of the baseball field.
Scott Poppa – Parks and Pool: The pool will be filled soon and the opening date has not been determined yet.
Chief Gibbons – Tarkio Police Department: Chief Gibbons gave his report of traffic stops, investigations, and training.
Mayor Timothy Morehouse: Morehouse had nothing to report.
Adam Stanton – Building Inspector: The company that will be doing the demolition on the Walnut Inn has requested the city to block off the streets while it comes down.
City Clerk Becky Jones: Clerk Jones asked the board if anyone had questions regarding their department’s financials.
The board voted to pay the outstanding bills. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m. The next regular meeting will be June 14, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.