August 7, 1942
That off and on fluctuation of electric power in Rock Port Saturday evening was not an official test blackout in the defense program, but was caused by an undue load being placed on the municipal light plant when the Missouri Service Co. asked Rock Port to take over that utility’s lines in the west part of Atchison County. The load was not excessive, but with the added pull cut into the local lines without being synchronized, fuses were blown out at the plant and service to local electricity users was somewhat disrupted for a while. However, power was restored after one or two short interruptions and service returned to normal. Businesses and houses were inconvenienced for a while, but the Saturday evening crowd took the incident good-naturedly and there was little criticism of the service when the cause of the stoppage of current was explained.
August 3, 1967
Dr. Michael R. Thomas has announced the opening of his practice of general dentistry at his new office at 109 W. Clay St. Construction of the new office began last March by Burke and Sons Lumber Co. The new dental office has three operating rooms, a dark room, laboratory, utility room and rest room. Entrance to the new office is to the south of the building leading into a reception room. Off of the reception room is a business office. The rooms are finished with painted walls, acoustical tile ceilings and vinyl tile floors. A parking area on the south will provide parking for patients and private parking on the north will be reserved for the doctor and his assistant, Mrs. Marian Murphy, Tarkio.
August 6, 1992
The grand opening of the refurbished Paramount Theatre was held Aug. 4-6. Jeff Pettepier, the new owner of the Paramount, has put in a long hard summer refurbishing the old structure. Former owner, Doris Muntz, told us she hopes Jeff’s affiliation with the Paramount will be as rewarding for him as it was for her. Jeff has totally remodeled the lobby and rest rooms, put in new central heat and air, along with a new screen and many unseen changes to make your visit to the Paramount as pleasant as possible. Starting Friday, “Beauty and the Beast” is the early show followed by “Basic Instinct.”