The Ryder Cup was returned to Tarkio after the Tarkio Golf Team won the tournament by 28 strokes this past weekend. Pictured are, from left to right: front row – Derek Rohlfsen and Bakul Patel; and back row – Morris Ray, Charlie Kirwan, Cody Joesting, Brett Wennihan, Tristan Ray, Donnie Meek, HA Hawkins, Kelly Rohlfsen, Devin Devine, Mark Devine, Kaven Wood, Mike Sockrider, Drew Devine, Greg Cook, Ed Salmond, and Tanton Ray.
The 13th Annual Atchison-Holt Ryder Cup took place on Saturday and Sunday, July 29th & 30th between Rock Port Golf & Country Club, Mound City Golf Club, and Tarkio Golf Club.  9-teams from each club participated in the 2-day tournament.  The tournament began in Tarkio on Saturday morning with a 9-hole scramble on the front 9 and a 9-hole Best Ball on the back 9.  We then moved to Mound City on Sunday morning playing a 9-hole scramble on the front 9 and a modified alternate shot on the back 9.  Each club took the top 6 scores from each 9-holes played.  The results are as follows:
Results:  Tarkio Golf Club –    852; Rock Port Golf & Country Club – 880; Mound City Golf Club – 886
*Tarkio Golf Club won the Ryder Cup for the 7th time in 13-years.
The complete history of the Ryder Cup is as follows:
2005    Tarkio Golf Club                2012    Tarkio Golf Club
2006    Tarkio Golf Club                2013    Rock Port Golf & Country Club
2007    Tarkio Golf Club                2014    Rock Port Golf & Country Club
2008    Mound City Golf Club       2015    Rock Port Golf & Country Club
2009    Mound City Golf Club       2016    Rock Port Golf & Country Club
2010    Tarkio Golf Club                2017    Tarkio Golf Club
2011    Tarkio Golf Club

Individual Team Results:
1st Place – Derek Rohlfsen/Tristan Ray- 128
2nd Place – Miles Jumps/Garrett Burge – 139
3rd Place – Brock Nuckolls/Troy Cook – 139
A Flight
1st Place – Jay Hunter/Garrett Schomburg – 144
2nd Place – Bakul Patel/Kaven Wood –     144
3rd Place – Doug Kline/Rusty Burge – 145
B Flight
1st Place – Michael Nauman/Carter Montgomery –     151
2nd Place – Ross Hastert/Demian Ellis – 153
3rd Place – Mark Devine/Mike Sockrider – 153
C Flight: 1st Place    Dave Fast/Tyler Heits – 161; 2nd Place – Bill Bunton/Ermal Wilson – 162; 3rd Place – Brogan Lair/Reid Hunter- 162
Tarkio Golf Club will defend at the 2018 Atchison-Holt Ryder Cup on July 28th & 29th, beginning at Mound City Golf Club on the 28th and ending at Rock Port Golf & Country Club on the 29th.