The Atchison County Development Corporation Board Meeting was held on August 9, 2017, present were  Lydia Hurst, Lori Seymour, Bob Alldredge, W.C. Farmer, Roger Martin and Eryn Stepp.  Also present were  Monica Bailey and Carol Clark.
The meeting was called to order by Farmer.  Minutes: Seymour moved to approve minutes as presented.  Martin seconded.  All approved.
Financials: Alldredge moved to approve financials as presented.  Martin seconded and all approved.
Director Report
• A Business Improvement Grant was awarded in July. $3,413.46 remains for 2017.
• Recent marketing efforts have included new signage on the front door and the front of the building to reflect the current logo. ACDC will also be a banner sponsor for both EA and RP this fall.
• Bailey is in the process of upgrading the visitor guide and creating potential employee cards that will direct people to ACDC’s website (thank you to Midwest Data for their graphic design assistance!).
• DED should be issuing a legal interpretation soon on changes to EEZ legislation.
• ACDC, in cooperation with AC counselors/schools, will be coordinating a Careers on Wheels event for Freshmen on October 6, with a rain date of October 13.  More details to come.
Old Business
• The Board revisited the support request from Atchison County Multipurpose Center (Tarkio Nutrition Center) regarding their sidewalk project. Rock Creek Wind Project is donating the concrete, and City of Tarkio is donating labor. Alldredge moved to contribute $2,500.  Seymour seconded. All approved.
New Business
• Bailey presented an idea to create a competitive youth beautification grant opportunity for Summer 2018.  The board expressed support of this program (both its community betterment and volunteerism aspects), and will approve funds as a part of the FY2018 budget process.
• CARE of Atchison County submitted a nonprofit support request to help with the addition of a porch at the CARE house. Labor is being donated by the First Lutheran Church in RP and funds have been donated by Morgan Trust.  Stepp moved that ACDC contribute $1,000 to this project. Seymour seconded and all approved.
• The Annual Meeting was discussed. It will be held on Wednesday, October 11, at 6:30 p.m. in Tarkio.
• Meyer moved and Hurst seconded that the meeting adjourn.  All approved.