Several concrete projects throughout Tarkio were recently completed thanks to the donation of cement by Renewable Energy Systems (RES), who is currently installing the wind turbines at Rock Creek Wind Project. The donation was given to the City of Tarkio, who used it for projects at the Tarkio Nutrition Center and on N. 6th Street. The cement, which was provided by Midwest Mobile Mix LLC of Elk River, Minnesota, was poured by Jim Smith and his crew in front of the Tarkio Nutrition Center Wednesday, August 10. The center’s sidewalks were replaced, making curbs for the frontage of the property handicap accessible. The city’s street department tore out the part of N. 6th Street that needed replaced and it, too, was fixed last week. Pictured are Jim Smith and members of his crew pouring the cement at the Nutrition Center while center workers look on. Also pictured are Ryan Burke spreading the cement for the center’s sidewalk and Bill Lee and Delmar Schebaum spreading the cement laid at N. 6th Street.