Jase Hughes

Quarterback Jase Hughes hits receiver Brock Martin on a quick screen pass.


Caden Linthicum

Caden Linthicum goes up and grabs the ball for an interception. This was his first of three.


Platte Valley Longhorns traveled to Blue Jay Stadium Friday night to  take on Rock Port in the Jays’ home opener.
The Longhorns won the toss and elected to receive the ball. On their first series Platte Valley failed to gain any positive yards and were forced to punt the ball. On the snap, senior Carter Ottmann came through the line to get a block on the punt. Linebacker Quentin Carder grabbed the ball out of the air and returned it to the Jays’ four yard line, setting  Gavin Abbott up for his first touchdown on the night. Two point conversion was no good. Following another defensive stand, the Blue Jays held and took over on downs. On their second  play from the line of scrimmage, quarterback Jase Hughes hit end Ryan Dewhirst for a 17 yard touchdown, followed by Hughes punching one in for the two point conversion. This made the score 14-0 Rock Port. Caden Linthicum would set the Jays up for their next touchdown with an interception, taking it back to the one yard line. On the next play Hughes hit Linthicum on a quick out for 6. PAT was no good.
The domination continued throughout the night with Brock Martin scoring on an 8 yard run. Gavin Abbott scored his second touchdown  from six yards out. Martin punched in for two. Ryan Dewhirst caught his second touchdown from Hughes,  Gavin Abbott with the two point conversion. Abbott scored his third touchdown on a 29 yard scramble. Brock Martin caught a pass for the two point conversion. The Junior Varsity took over where the varsity left off and freshman Joey Herron would score from 16 yards out. Quarterback Alex Burke ran it in for two.
Brock Martin then caught an interception and returned it for 50 yards and the score. Joey Herron had the 2 points after. The final six of the evening came on a 23 yard run from Aaron Lawrence. Burke punched in the two point conversion, making the final score 74 – 0 Rock Port.


Defensive stats
G. Abbott 11, Q. Carder 9, R. Dewhirst 7, C. Ottmann 7, D. Stevens and G. Abbott with 4, D. Brake and K. LaHue with 3, K. Jones 2, C. Linthicum, A. Burke, A Lawrence, J. Herron and K. Dowdy all with 1.
C. Linthicum 3, and B. Martin 1.
Fumble Recoveries: Q. Carder and D. Brake both with 1.